Along the banks of the river Thames can be found the scenic town of Little Marlow. Many of its buildings date back to the 14th and 15th century, with a circle of cottages set around a lime tree-lined village green. The attractive, red-bricked Georgian house that stages our latest look was once the parish vicarage. With its floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious rooms, it acts as the perfect space for capturing the final shifts in light throughout the day during that hazy period between summer and autumn. 

A large double bed featuring a large grey headboard, throws, quilts and cushions and a side table
An armless upholstered chair in the corner of a classic style bedroom, featuring a marble fireplace, ornaments and a wall art piece

Calming creams are mixed with the earthy taupes and mustard yellows that we might expect of the beckoning season, yet additional touches of ocean blues and greens allow for pleasant memories of a recent summer to linger on. Plenty of cushions with fringed and tasselled edges bring extra warmth inside to make up for the change to cosier climes outdoors. A mix of wooden textures – from the spherical turned legs on the coffee table to the illusionary carved frontage of the sideboard – draw the eye around the panelled room, with elements of interest at every turn. Rattan and jute offer mirroring textures on the furniture and soft furnishings, bringing a rustic touch into the home.

A selections of green and blue toned ornaments
Floral crockery, cream cutlery and glassware on a blue tablecloth

We can never take too much inspiration from nature, whether it be in the palette of colours we choose or the shape of our decorative ornaments. A house surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens will especially benefit from botanical focuses inside. Here, artichokes – an OKA favourite – in their many forms, take centre stage on various surfaces, offering displays for candles and vessels for fruit. The red and green flowers of our much-loved Sheki pattern are also painted across the crockery that’s casually set on the dining table, ready for a late and lazy breakfast.

A green striped armchair in the corner of a sitting room, next to a rattan side table, floor lamp and a fireplace
A floral upholstered ottoman featuring decorative accessories

Layers of contrasting pattern can be found around the room, which bring an eclectic aesthetic; there’s no need to stick to one style. Stripes decorate the accent chair in the corner, ikat prints adorn the silk cushions, a classic polka dot wraps around the shades on the wall lamps and iznik patterns enhance a decorative plate on the mantel.

A hallway featuring a long wooden console table decorated with vases, candle holders and a yellow table lamp, sat in front of a set of six floral wall art pieces
The corner of a hallway featuring a large wooden storage unit, round dining table, dog bed and a fireplace

The often-forgotten space that is the hallway comes in many forms; whether a corridor or a room in itself, you can make something of it that’s not only aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the rest of your house, but also functional. Having somewhere to hang your coats and tuck away muddy boots that doubles as a statement piece of furniture will ensure your home is tidy and stylish. Plus, including plenty of surfaces for errant keys is always a winner anywhere near your front door. Rugs, as well, will warm up this place of entry where cold winds might blast through each time the door is opened – just remember not to place them too close to the threshold so that there’s room for shoes to be removed before you step onto their soft surface.