Red and green never to be seen? Reinvent the proverbial colour wheel with the earthy hues of moss green and rust red that pair beautifully in this urban sanctuary. The vibrantly painted panelled walls set the perfect stage for some of our latest furniture and homeware designs, including multi-functional pieces that work well in small spaces. If you are looking to create a similarly oh so bold look, discover all its creative secrets below.


Colour and Accessorise Boldly

The biggest piece of advice we can give you for achieving this style is: don’t be scared. A look like this is all about being brave with colour. Embrace your creative side and look to botanical hues for your inspiration. A sofa in grassy green velvet can be tempered with pastel-patterned cushions and brought to life with texturally embroidered soft furnishings. It will further pop if matched with graphic shapes; scalloped-edged accessories, oversized bulbous vases, striped stools and bobbin-themed focal points flipped on their head with blocks instead of balls for an anything but square design. Our Head of Brand Creative Ali Wicksteed says “There’s no reason to hold back on using characterful accessories to add personality, even in smaller spaces.”

A dining room scene in a terracotta-painted room
A drinks trolley with bold dark colours in a terracotta-painted room.

Opt for Botanical Touches

If you feel all this colour is a little too much for your tastes, you can bring it back down to earth with accents of charcoal, indigo and black that ground the lively tones with a sense of depth and a welcome edge. Real and faux plants can also pull everything together for a stylishly botanical look (not to mention the health benefits that come along with having them in your vicinity). Other ways to bring a natural touch inside your home are through the use of materials such as wicker rattan, weathered wood and woven jute. Many of our dining tables, chairs, storage pieces and rugs make use of these tactile materials.


Choose Pieces Wisely

Does your home have features – ugly radiators, for instance – that you want to hide? Try giving them a lick of paint! Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain sight, and making a feature of it may change your opinion. If your space is small, choose pieces of furniture with myriad uses, like classic bureaus with fold-down desks, handy drawers and convenient cupboards. As Ali says, “Mixing traditional pieces with more contemporary silhouettes keeps the look youthful but elevated.” A swivelling chair may also be of benefit with its 360-degree viewing ability, as well as pieces that can be easily moved due to handles and lightweight materials so that you can use them for multiple purposes. 

A collage of new season ss24 pieces.
A cosy bedroom with botanical-patterned bedding and terracotta sheets.


Create Warmth and Wonder

In the bedroom the tones of umber are no less beneficial to your slumber, helping to create a calming atmosphere that positively glows with warmth under low lighting from table lamps or candles. Layer quilts and sheets for that extra element of cosiness that also offers up another opportunity for infusing colour and charm into your space, as Ali says, “Don’t be afraid of layering prints and embracing colour contrasts; they can make a space feel more put together.” One colour to avoid if you are craving warmth and comfort would be white. Instead, look to taupes, beiges, creams and off-whites which form the basis of many of our textiles, resulting in a carefully considered appearance that moves away from being too cold or harsh. So, away with you on your colourful adventure, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Crosby Swivel leather armchair dressed with a leaf patterned art deco style cushion.
A vignette through a doorway of a console table and abstract artwork.