Caring for Cane and Rattan

General Maintenance and Instructions

To help prolong the life of your cane and rattan furniture and décor, we advise the following:

Sunlight and Environment

  •  Keep cane/rattan furniture and décor out of direct sunlight—exposure to direct sunlight will, over time, dry out and discolor the material. Drying out may lead to tears and breakage in its woven construction.
  •  Keep in a covered area—rain or overexposure to water can damage the cane/rattan material over time.


  •  Moisturize your cane/rattan furniture and décor regularly—if the furniture isn’t kept in a humid environment, moisturize the material using a spray containing boiled linseed oil or glycerin-based soap that's been diluted in water. Alternatively, wipe with a warm, wet cloth and then let it dry naturally overnight.