Caring for lamps and lighting


OKA lighting is hand-crafted to a high standard with carefully selected materials. With the correct care
and maintenance our lighting will provide years of satisfaction; please familiarise yourself with the following



  • If lamps are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time it may cause the color of the
    lampshade or lamp base to fade.
  • At least a 30cm clearance from heat sources is advised to prevent color change or permanent marks occurring.
  • We do not recommend placing products in excessively high or low temperatures or damp environments
    as this may cause product issues.



To help prolong the life of your lighting we advise the following:



  • Water and electricity can be fatal, so be sure to turn off your light at the plug or switch and wait until
    it has cooled down completely. Then wipe with a soft cloth that has been very lightly dampened with a
    mild, bleach-free detergent solution. Dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
  • Following the guidelines above will ensure product performance is maintained. OKA is not
    responsible for defects caused by the misuse of the product.

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