Caring for pillows and inserts

Caring for Pillows & Pads

All OKA pillow inserts are made with either a fibre, feather or foam core. Our cushions are sold separately from our covers, giving you the flexibility to choose your level of comfort. All pads, irrespective of their fillings, require care and attention to ensure long life.


General Maintenance Instructions

To help prolong the life of your cushions and pads, we advise the following:



- Inserts filled with feathers or similar materials should be hand-fluffed and reversed regularly in order to preserve their softness and suppleness. Non- reversible cushions should have their pad turned inside the cover.
- Fibre-filled pads should be regularly plumped to prevent the fibres from binding, which may cause your cushions to flatten or lose their shape.
- Cushion pads with foam cores will have a firmer feel, initially, but will lose some of their original hardness in the first few weeks. This is normal and will not affect the performance of your cushions.