Crafted from natural materials, such as leather and rattan that only get better with age, these baskets make hardworking storage accessories for objects including shoes, logs, and paperwork.

  1. Borromea Basket - Vintage Gray
  2. Lined Rattan Basket with Lid - Brown
  3. Rattan Paper Napkin Basket - Brown
  4. Rattan Mandalay Storage Basket
  5. Levant Rattan Laundry Basket - Brown
  6. Small Fairfax Rattan Basket - Brown
  7. Rattan Shelf Basket - Brown
  8. Burley Log Rattan Storage Basket - Brown

OKA Baskets

Rattan was where it all began for OKA. Our first collection comprised handcrafted rattan storage and it’s been a key feature of our range ever since. Today, you’ll find a wide variety of storage baskets to suit all kinds of needs and homes. Looking for a place to keep stationery neat and tidy on your desk? Our shelf and napkin double perfectly. Need to keep laundry off the floordrobe? Discover open and lidded pieces that are designed to do just that. Is the entryway looking a little messy? Give boots, shoes and dog leashes a home with one of our larger woven baskets.

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