Waste Baskets

Wastepaper Baskets are essential for keeping your home tidy, but it can be difficult to find a pretty one. So we've extended our ranges for bathrooms, bedrooms and studies.

  1. Longshan Wastebasket - Heron Blue
  2. Gawain Wastebasket - Natural/Off-White
  3. Nassau Wastebasket - Washed Rust
  4. Ocellus Wastebasket - Seagreen
  5. Stash Pedal Wastepaper Bin – Brown
  6. Short Stash Rattan Pedal Trash Can - Brown
  7. Gonglin Wastepaper Bin - Petrol
  8. Rattan Mandalay Waste Basket - Natural
  9. Faux Shagreen Waste Basket- Mole Brown

OKA Wastepaper Baskets

Turning everyday essentials into objects of beauty is one of our greatest pleasures. What could speak to this more than waste baskets? Essential for keeping your study, bedroom or bathroom neat and tidy, ours look like design elements in their own rights. Elevate a corner with faux shagreen, add a natural touch with rattan or look to our chinoiserie-inspired Gonglin for a beautiful-meets-practical feature.

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