It’s tempting to dive into 2024 with a ‘new year, new home’ attitude; January is a natural point in which to reflect on what makes our homes work like a well-oiled machine, and what might add stress to our lives – but if a season of spending lots of time inside has you feeling a bit stir-crazy, we propose making joy a priority for each of your home-related goals. With this in mind, we’ve had a look at some of the new year’s resolutions for your home that people have been searching for, and in this piece, we’ll show you how to put a fun OKA twist on each of them, in hopes that a spark of colour and creativity will help you keep them. Find the one you’re interested in and follow our tips or, if you’re feeling ambitious, have a go at all three.


Finally Achieve Minimalist Interiors 

If the thought of decluttering gives you nightmares, but you’d still like to welcome spring with a home that feels fresh and on trend, we have a few organization tips for you that will hopefully make the process less of a chore. Number one is to prioritize: don’t start out overwhelmed by the prospect of a huge project; pick one room, one corner, or even just one drawer to tackle first, and once you’ve done that, move on to the next small, achievable task. Chances are if minimalist interiors are appealing to you, you’re not much of a knickknack collector, but if you are, now is the time to reconsider what deserves your sentimentality and what’s simply piling up under the “just in case” label. The OKA spin? Put on some energetic music to set the pace, and involve your family. Assign different areas to each member and race each other to finish first. Speed will motivate everyone to be decisive—there won’t be time to get stuck thinking about what you really want to keep.

A sitting room with a Persian-style rug, yellow upholstered coffee table, and a classic neutral-colored sofa in front of a window.
A console table in an entryway with books, storage baskets, a vase, and a lamp, in front of a wall with framed artwork.

Once superfluous things are picked up, put away, sold or given away, you can relish reorganizing and beautifying what’s left. Sort important papers into pretty filing boxes and stash shoes, leashes, hats and gloves in entryway storage baskets and storage furniture such as a cupboard, cabinet or sideboard. And to keep your resolution in 2024, question the value anything you’re bringing into your home might add—even if the qualifying answer is “joy”, the process of being more intentional about what you fill your space with is an important part of minimalism. For us, the basis of this resolution is less about achieving a particular look and more about thoughtfulness, but if you do want to keep up to date with the latest minimalist look, go for natural materials and textures in any new furniture and homeware, and stick to a color palette of cozy warm neutrals.


Take Steps Toward Sustainability 

There is an endless array of steps you can take to be friendlier to the planet and increase your home energy efficiency, such as using sustainable building materials from the beginning, insulating your home to cut down on costly consumption, and upgrading to more efficient appliances, but in the spirit of setting small, achievable goals and having fun as you go, we’re providing a few easier updates and ideas for sustainable home design.


One of the simplest actions to take is to evaluate whether you’re using each space in your home effectively. Walk through your entire home and make notes on how you use each corner. Is your office or studio space somewhere that has access to lots of natural light, so you’re minimizing the use of artificial light? Does the guest bedroom, conversely, have so much bright light that your guests are woken up early in the morning? Consider swapping spaces for these activities where possible, and get some help from family and friends—it can be fun to think of new ways to rearrange your space, especially for the new year, when you wouldn’t mind a refresh anyway. When it comes to light, other small steps you can take are to clean your windows more often, and switch fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to LEDs.


A close-up view of a neutral-colored classic sofa with a gray throw and two throw pillows.
A contemporary-style neutral-colored sofa with throw pillows and a velvet footstool used as a side table.

If you decide to purchase some brand-new furniture or homeware in 2024, go for quality and longevity over trends by investing in timeless silhouettes. You’re likely to enjoy a sofa in a neutral color and classic shape for a longer than one in a striking style that happens to be very popular at the moment, and you can always update its look by swapping in different pillows and throws as the seasons change. You can also support artisanal practices by opting for handcrafted pieces.


Embark on a DIY Project

If you’re itching to get creative, why not turn the impulse into a resolution that improves your home, whether it’s retiling your bathroom or sewing a new set of curtains? Whatever you’re excited to get started on, make sure you set out with a plan and budget, the appropriate tools, a well-lit space where you have plenty of room to get messy, and the proper safety equipment.


One of the biggest trends in DIY interior design at the moment is upcycling, which refers to improving old or unused items by adding value to them in some way, giving them a second life. It’s the sustainable and ideal way to transform a piece you already own but don’t love, such as a chest of drawers or cabinet that’s not in great shape or feels outdated, but you can also source good-quality upcycling candidates from thrift shops, or friends and family doing their own decluttering. Next, you’ll need inspiration for the final result—Pinterest is a treasure trove of upcycling ideas, and our seasonal catalogues are great for getting the design cogs whirring. On the internet you’ll find detailed guides to everything from painting and refinishing furniture to transforming discarded objects into functional works of art. You can even try upholstering a headboard in a piece of fabric you love. Just remember, if it’s your first time trying something, read any instructions in full before you begin. It’s best not to overcomplicate things or get too ambitious—start small and invest in good materials, and don’t alter a piece you’ll regret losing. Now you’re on your way to a fresh start in the new year.