The return of TV show Succession in 2023 had viewers hooked, with people desperate to discover the final result of what had been a decade-long series—but, this time round, it wasn’t just the family dramas of the Roy dynasty that stole the spotlight, but how they dressed and decorated their homes that drew attention. Indeed, though the cast sported seemingly simple outfits, the fabrics and construction of each piece showcased an eye for quality and craftsmanship, kick-starting a fascination with a look that marries simplicity with sophistication—a.k.a quiet luxury. In 2024, the style continues to gain traction in both the fashion and interiors worlds, and so we wanted to delve deeper into the look. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the core characteristics of the style, and offer advice on how to introduce them into your home.

Two images showing details from a sitting room, featuring a pared-back palette and monochrome accents.

What is the 'Quiet Luxury" trend?

Quiet luxury is an aesthetic characterised by understated elegance, timeless appeal and high-quality materials. Also known as "stealth wealth" or "silent luxury", the fashion and interiors trend emphasises discerning taste and classic silhouettes. Quiet luxury in interior design manifests as simple, refined and calming spaces, with layered textures, neutral tones and timeless shapes.

From Fashion to Homeware

Just as life imitates art, so too does interior design imitate fashion, and, like many trends, it’s among the style set that quiet luxury first found its fan base. Focused on timeless staples such as classic loafers, trench coats, tailored trousers and crisp (and, crucially, logo free) T-shirts, the fashion take on the trend speaks to elegance and simplicity. To ensure the pieces have enduring appeal, a minimalist colour palette naturally reigns supreme—monochrome hues, with pops of neutral tones and base metals of gold and silver, ensure the look never goes out of style. When it comes to interior design, the aesthetic has followed a similar format, prioritising textures, natural hues and classic silhouettes that transcend trends.

A minimalist dining room scene with a stone dining table and white chairs.

How to Recreate Quiet Luxury in Your Home

With the core characteristics of timeless staples and tactile textures in mind, it’s time to explore how you can introduce this style into your own home. Here’s how to emulate the look in every room.

Celebrate Sophistication in Your Sitting Room

The "quiet" element of this trend is all about taking a less-is-more mentality, reducing clutter and emphasising warmth through key pieces that speak to the trend. Think muted shades, a curated edit of décor and an arrangement of textiles that help to enhance cosiness. Textures such as bouclé, linen, wool and velvet will emulate the quiet luxury look, along with the likes of tortoiseshell, glass, metal and wood. Look for furniture that features clean lines to emphasise the simple, elegant side of this style.

Treat Your Kitchen like a Living Space

Unlike the utilitarian approach of minimalism, where furniture and décor are reduced to the essentials, quiet luxury is about embracing simplicity without compromising on home comforts. The kitchen is the perfect example—no longer a purely functional space, this room should be given the same attention as a sitting room, with thought given to colour palettes, seating and textiles. For the quiet luxury look, start with neutral tones and add warmth with tactile textures—a jute rug, rattan dining chairs and rustic stoneware will create a layered and inviting aesthetic. With natural materials ticked, look to metals for an elegant twist – put copper pans on display, add glamour with brass lighting or elevate the look with a gold-framed mirror.

Two images showing minimalist spaces, one with a home bar with gold detailing and the other showing lamps in a corner.
Create a Serene Sanctuary in Your Bedroom

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is a key part of this aesthetic, and where better to embrace this side of the trend than in the bedroom, the space where you unwind? Think about the little luxuries that will help to elevate your relaxation experience—a soft rug to greet you when you rise from bed in the morning; an invitig throw to add an extra layer of warmth; low lighting to cast the space in a golden glow; and inviting textures of silk, velvet and linen to create a layered and cosy effect.  

Elevate Your Home Office

For a space where concentration and productivity are paramount, the quiet luxury look lends a calming presence. In your home office or at your work station, introduce elements of the trend to bring a sense of serenity. In this instance, think about those practical pieces that you need—a comfortable chair, a suitable desk with plenty of storage, table lamps for helpful light—and look for opportunities to introduce those classic quiet luxury signifiers: tactile textures, neutral tones and golden detailing. Perhaps you can add a bronze-toned lamp to your desk, or seek a chair with tactile upholstery? Mirrors, artwork and objets d’art should be your go-to for adding subtle hints of character to the room.

Though quiet luxury is indeed a trend, its core principles speak to enduring shapes, colours and designs, meaning you can embrace the look knowing it will last not just through 2024, but beyond.