Having spent many years living in the United States, and now splitting her time between London and the Bahamas, Wiggy Hindmarch knows all too well how a wardrobe needs to be adaptable. Whether that’s for different climates or occasions, the clothes we wear require a flexibility that complements our lifestyles. It’s this that inspired the designer to found Wiggy Kit, a fashion label that takes inspiration from across the globe and puts functionality at the forefront of every design. Her time in the US has had a profound influence on this creative approach—since living in Rhode Island and North Carolina, Wiggy feels “a real connection” to American women, and this in turn fuels her designs.

“Many states have the advantage of having a warmer climate than the UK, which allows people to put a little more effort into how they dress, so they’re the perfect muse to design on,” the designer explains. “I get so inspired when thinking about all of these beautiful places, especially along the East Coast; that lifestyle really helps me in my design.”

Having heard Wiggy’s story, we were keen to learn more about her life and style. With her townhouse in England currently undergoing renovation, we visited her at her home-away-from-home—her stylish London office—to ask her a few quick-fire questions about the world of Wiggy.

A study featuring a wooden desk, leather chair and, behind them, green bookcases filled with décor.

Way to Wake Up: My bedroom actually overlooks the River Thames—every morning I wake up and open up all the windows, and I’m greeted by the sound of rowers. So, I lie in bed with my cup of tea and listen to all these poor people getting shouted at.

Workspace: I’m really lucky in the fact that I live in a very old, historical house, but the kitchen is in a modern glass box in the garden, so when you’re in there you’re completely ensconced in nature. If I’m doing a design session, I have to be at my kitchen table looking out of the window. 

Dinner Party Game: My two favorites are Articulate and Linkee—I always win at Linkee. The other one that’s really great is [South American dice game] Perudo; it’s an excellent game and you can get everyone around the table to play—it gets very competitive. My family plays a lot of games, especially in our house in Bahamas. We’ve now started doing a yearly trivia tournament on the beach, and we have about 75 people who come to it. It’s great.

Way to Greet Guests: We always have music playing when people arrive. For me, it’s all about setting the scene, so it’s usually pitch black in my house apart from a bunch of candles, music going, the fire blazing and a drink in my hand. 

6pm Cocktail: It depends where I am. If I’m abroad somewhere hot, it would be a spicy ginger margarita with a salt rim, otherwise it’s a glass of champagne.

Nightcap: Rum is really big out in the Bahamas, and one of my closest friends has just launched a rum brand called Idle Assembly, so we’ll often have that as a nightcap, straight.

A green ceramic table lamp and blue patterned lampshade on the corner of a desk
A black sculptural floor lamp and pleated lampshade are placed next to a green bookcase filled with décor.

Night-In Alone: It might start off with either a massage or an assisted stretching session, then a bath, followed by watching some sort of true crime thing on Netflix.

Book You Always Return To: I’m definitely planning to reread The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. I’ve also read John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil a couple of times. I basically like any book that’s set in America, as that’s where my heart lies when I read fiction.

Welcome Home: My long-haired miniature dachshund called Winnie; she always lights up my life.

Dance-Around-the-Kitchen Song: There are so many, because that’s the place where I dance all the time. We have the best boogies in our kitchen. It would probably be 1980s hip hop, something like ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain.

Houseplant: I love houseplants. I’ve got orchids everywhere, just because you can pick them up when you go to the supermarket. The previous owner of our house was [British designer] Cath Kidston and she was mad for geraniums—when we first moved into the house they were everywhere. I really like gardenias because they smell very strongly, and I like hydrangeas as well. 

Color Palette: I love green, but it has to be greens that you find in nature. For me, my environment and the colors that are around me are really important. I’m in the process of redoing my house right now and I just won’t let anyone get involved in the choice of fabrics or colors because I’m just so specific; I know exactly what I like.

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