1. A dining room with a wooden dining table next to a window with a white vase of flowers, a cabinet and pendant lights.

    New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

    Explore our ideas for ways to greet 2024 that are centered around improving your home. From decluttering your way to minimalist interiors to creative DIY projects and living more sustainably, there’s plenty to explore.

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  2. A decorated dining table in a festive kitchen.

    How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Your Way

    There are so many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Why not try something new? For ideas on how to party—or unwind—take a look at our helpful guide. 

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  3. A dominoes gift set on a green tray.

    How to Host the Ultimate Game Night

    Read our rules on how to set up the ultimate game night for family and friends in this comprehensive guide.

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  4. A bright magenta velvet sofa sits in a blue-walled room. A Christmas tree is seen in the background, and the sofa is decorated with pillows.

    Christmas Color Palettes to Inspire Your Decorations

    Whether you’re a stickler for tradition or favor a more novel approach, let us offer a dose of decoration inspiration with these holiday color combinations.

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  5. Kate Ferguson, wearing a white blouse, chunky necklaces and khaki-colored jeans, stands and smiles behind a table and dining chairs.

    Getting Ready for the Holidays with Kate Ferguson

    The founder of Palomino Interiors shares the inspiration behind her New Canaan Holiday House Tour project, as well as plenty of expert advice on decorating your own home for the festive season.

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  6. A velvet sofa piled high with pillows sits in a cozy sitting room, with a black-and-white coffee table sits and a Christmas tree decorated with warm string lights.

    Sue's Guide to Decorating for Christmas

    Our Co-Founder and Creative Director shares her tips for bringing a festive feel to your living space.

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  7. How to decorate your table for halloween

    How to Decorate Your Table for Halloween

    Get creative with your table decorations for Halloween, using the seasonal colors of orange, purple and green.

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