Rectangular Shades

Contemporary interiors call for the simple geometry of a rectangular lampshade; suitable for a range of table and floor lamps, ours are crafted from card, natural cotton, and linen.

  1. Rectangular Linen Shade - White
  2. Rectangular Linen Shade - Natural
  3. 19.5in Narrow Rectangular Cotton Lampshade - Black
  4. 12in Narrow Rectangular Cotton Lampshade - Black
  5. 19.5in Narrow Rectangular Linen Lampshade - Natural

OKA Rectangular Shades

Thanks to their sleek silhouette and clean lines, rectangular shades are the perfect choice for a contemporary home. Our collection includes an assortment of sizes and neutral colors that make for the perfect finishing touches; why not opt for black in the dining room to make a bold statement and natural in the bedroom for a calm look? Don’t worry, wall lamps won’t miss out on the fun—there’s half-size rectangular shades designed specifically for them too.

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