Custom Furniture Fabric Swatches

Custom Furniture Fabric Swatches

Our Tailored by OKA items can be upholstered in a wide array of fabrics and colors. Whether you’re looking for something luxuriously soft or pet-friendly (or perhaps both), feel free to add up to five complimentary swatches to your sample pack.

Laundered Linen

Our linens are made in Belgium and include natural slubs, which are characteristic of this type of fabric.

Stonewashed Linen

Our stonewashed linen is tumbled with stones, for a textured aesthetic, whereas our laundered linen has a finer feel.

Clever Linen

Our clever linen is a more durable, colorfast and moisture-wicking version of the natural material.

Clever Velvet

Our clever velvet is just that, innovatively designed to be invitingly soft while also being incredibly resilient.

Fine Basket Weave

The different fibers in this linen and wool blend each react to dyes in different ways, resulting in a soft melange of tones.


Our OKA bouclé fabric offers a durable weave, beautifully soft feel and contemporary look.

Boiled Wool

Woven in the Scottish Highlands, our lovingly crafted boiled wool lends a cozy look to your furniture.

Heirloom Leather

Five generations of superior craftsmanship at a family-run tannery in Italy set this soft, full-bodied leather apart.