Pillow Inserts

All of our pillow covers and pads are sold separately, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly what you need for your home. Our standard pillow pads are filled with duck feathers for a plump look and deeply comfortable feel. The collection extends to fibre-filled pads for pet beds too.

OKA Pillow Inserts

Our soft, comfortable, duck feather-filled pillow inserts fit our small (23.5x14”), large (20”Sq) and extra large (22”Sq) covers. Every season, we create new designs in these sizes, so you don't need to find new inserts every time you feel like refreshing your textiles. There are also fiber-filled inserts in our collection which fit our luxurious, machine-washable, faux fur pet covers and a 23.5”Sq feather-filled insert suited to our Roku pillows. Remember to regularly fluff your feather pillows and plump any fiber-filled styles to preserve their shape.