Floor Cushions

Our collection features versatile large floor cushions and sitting pillows that serve as extra seating, footrests, or even informal tables for placing trays of drinks. These bold-patterned, tactile cushions are among our hardest-working pieces.

OKA Luxury Floor Cushions

Our textiles beautifully complement various aesthetics, especially bohemian interiors. Whether it's riad-style rooms with jeweled lanterns, Berber rugs, and Moroccan floor pillows, or eclectic homes with layered designs, our collection stands out. Highlights include our large floor cushions and sitting pillows adorned with tassels, tufting, and embroidery. Embrace the Chyangra pride, where tactile goat hair and animal print unite. With beanbag filling, our floor cushions offer both style and comfort for indulging in a Netflix marathon or enjoying a leisurely lunch.