Whether a chinoiserie style concealing a television, a Cubist-inspired cocktail cabinet, or an orderly timber design in a boot room, our versatile cabinets prove that practicality needn’t be dull.

  1. Lauretta Wine Cabinet - Black
  2. Briolette Cabinet - Natural Indigo
  3. Pentomino Display Cabinet - Natural
  4. Gonglin Wine Cabinet - Petrol
  5. Briolette Bureau – Blonde
  6. Gonglin Cabinet - Petrol
  7. Pagoda Chinoiserie TV Cabinet - Black/Antique Gold
  8. Drummond Cabinet - Warm Gray
  9. Candelaria Bar Cabinet - Slate

OKA Storage Cabinets

Looking to add instant scale and drama to a room? Our range of storage cabinets holds the solution. Traditionally made to classic French and English designs, our cabinets are real heirloom pieces, with a variety of shapes and styles to suit every interior. Match with other storage solutions in our range, or select mismatched pieces for a chic look.

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