Lamp Shades

A new lamp shade has the capacity to update a whole room, not only a favourite lamp base. Made from card, cotton, linen or pleated silk, our designer lamp shades take traditional drum, empire or rectangular forms. Whether you're looking for large lamp shades as a statement piece, or an understated small lamp shade for a touch of luxury, we have the perfect pieces to tie your space together.

Finding The Perfect Lamp Shade

Our range of luxury lamp shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of materials to choose from. Picking the perfect lamp shade for your home is a matter of finding a piece that matches both the base of a lamp and the room as a whole. Going for a patterned lamp shade? Consider how it'll match the rest of the colours in the room. For rooms with less furniture in them, a large lamp shade can be a lovely statement piece to tie everything together.