If you’re looking for ideas for your Christmas color palette, may we suggest straying from tradition? Though the classic tones of red and green are undoubtedly the most popular for Christmas, we’re big advocates of stepping outside of the box when it comes to seasonal color schemes. Inherently maximalist, the holidays are the time of year to embrace the boldest, brightest side of your interior design style. We’re serving up inspiration with a selection of Christmas color combinations, which takes cues from our festive look. ­In our opinion, these are the best holiday colors for 2023—however, in the wise words of our Co-Founder Sue Jones, “the best color is your favorite color,” so we encourage you to select the shades that simply speak to your style. Happy merrymaking.

A festive dining table setup, with paper ornaments hanging from the ceiling, red velvet dining chairs arranged around the table and candles on the table.
A festive dining table setting with patterned dinnerware, red berries in the center and candles.

Bring Joy with Jewel Tones

Just as evergreens and red accents never go out of style, nor do the classic festive metallics of silver and gold. But if you want to embrace the shiny side of the color wheel in a brighter way, look to your jewelry box for inspiration. Emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst will bring the glamour of the season to your interiors. Why not decorate your tree with ornaments in these elegant Christmas colors, or seek giftwrap in the same shades? A pile of jewel-toned presents will pop against the verdant branches of your pine tree. 

Remember, this bold style needn’t be reserved for your decorations. Rich tones of amethyst and garnet are at their very best when displayed on velvet upholstery, so look for pillows, footstools or even dining chairs that show off the depth of these suave shades. Glassware, too, is a great way to make jewel tones sparkle; look for colored styles in emerald and sapphire to bring a twinkling touch to your tabletop. Whichever color you opt for, the key to the trend is to balance out the elevated with the everyday—temper the season’s frivolity by pairing rich velvets with rustic linens in neutral shades, or adding foliage and natural textures to your tablescape.

A selection of marble-effect glass ornaments in vibrant colors of red, yellow and green are arranged on a red lacquer tray.
A Christmas tree decorated with vibrant glass and paper ornaments. Underneath are gifts wrapped in brightly colored paper.

Create a Color Clash

If your favorite color is every color, then embrace your rainbow intuitions and let your creativity flow. ’Tis the season to be jolly, after all, so why not channel the playful nature of the festivities with a joy-inducing design style? Don’t hold back—add ornaments of every color to your tree, bring a plentiful palette to your tabletop and introduce holiday colors to unexpected corners of your home. This could include adding vibrant ornaments to an entryway, introducing pops of color to mantelpieces or creating a coffee table display with a vibrantly colored tray and a selection of bold ornaments. Simply put, anything goes.


A cozy festive sitting room with a charcoal velvet sofa, patterned pillows and a Christmas tree decorated with string lights and gold ornaments.
A selection of glass hurricane lamps, holding pillar candles, sit on a window sill in front of a velvet sofa.

Make it Moody with Darker Shades

If Santa and sequins aren’t your bag, a more modern holiday color palette may be in the cards. In this instance, we’d encourage you to channel the cozy, inviting nature of the season instead, with a pared-back selection of darker tones that invite you to settle down and make yourself comfortable. Think deep charcoal, forest green and navy blue, tempered with monochrome accents and the warming glow of candles and lamplight. To create an inviting look, be sure to mix plenty of tactile textures—rich velvet, rustic linen and glossy ceramics will create a layered and welcoming effect. When it comes to Christmas tree color combinations for this style, we’d recommend simply sticking with string lights and a few metallic ornaments to add warmth to the space. Think of it as a festive take on the quiet luxury trend—a subtle nod to the season in an oh-so sophisticated way.

A green striped armchair with tassels sits next to a fireplace, with a mantel decorated in green foliage and with a green mirror balanced on top.
A red table lamp sits on the corner of a white mantel, next to pine cone candle holders and a distressed mirror.

Turn Tradition on its Head

If you do find yourself reaching for the season’s most classic of shades, may we suggest putting your own spin on the style? Rather than giving red and green equal weight, why not select one and let it dominate the look? If you lean towards green, for example, choose varying shades and introduce them in unexpected ways. An olive stripe, an emerald footstool or a mint-colored candle holder will nod to the season without feeling overtly festive. Likewise, red accents will speak subtly to Christmas; a spray of faux berries, an elegant lamp and a cozy throw in crimson colors offer a new take on the traditional palette.