1. A guide to different types of wood

    A guide to different types of wood

    Discover the difference between hard and softwoods, the type of wood that is best for a dining table and how to tell solid and veneered wood apart.

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  2. How to add colour with cushions

    How to add colour with cushions

    Whether you're looking to introduce vibrant jewel tones or delicate hues, cushions are one of the simplest ways to add colour at home. Here, our resident interior designers share their expertise on the matter.

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  3. A bright cottage sitting room with a cosy fireplace and sofa by the window

    How to choose a lampshade: the ultimate guide

    Choosing a lampshade to match a base is an age-old conundrum, but there are a few rules that can help when picking the size, shape, style and colour.

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  4. Buying guide for armchairs

    Buying guide for armchairs

    Patterned or plain? Low-back or high-back? Velvet or linen? These are commonly pondered questions when buying an armchair – let our useful buying guide assist.

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  5. Choosing the best cushion pad

    Choosing the best cushion pad

    We talk you through the various cushion pad sizes and shapes, as well as the best cushion pad filling for your space.

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  6. The ultimate bed buying guide

    The ultimate bed buying guide

    Many variables are involved in creating the ideal bedroom but the most important element is the bed itself. Our helpful guide to buying a bed explains all.

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  7. how to choose a lampshade colour

    Tips on choosing the right lampshade colour

    Explore our advice on selecting lampshade colours. Discover tips on illuminating each room and using light shades to introduce texture, colour and pattern.

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  8. Chronicle Collection Candle

    Choosing the right scent for your home

    From fragrance families to scents for certain rooms, discover our guide to selecting the right aroma for your living space.

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  9. A guide to winter flowers

    A guide to winter flowers

    Artificial flowers means they'll never wilt, so you can have blooms of any season, every season. Here are our top five winter flowers.

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