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Ceiling Lights

From industrial-style pendants to opulent chandeliers, ceiling lights are more than a general lighting source; in leather, glass, or metal a statement fitting draws attention into a room's center.

OKA Ceiling Lights

If you thought you’d run out of places to style, just look up. Ceiling lamps are the perfect space-saving solution—and a simply great design feature—as they take up zero floor or surface space, while casting plenty of light across the dining table, entryway or kitchen island. Whether your interiors err on the glamorous side—think twinkling mirrors and shimmering gold—or are more understated—look to woven pieces and industrial styles—you’re sure to find something to suit in our lighting collection. Read on for our tips on using ceiling lights in your home.

Luxury Ceiling Lights for Every Room

From the entryway to the sitting room, there’s a ceiling light for every living space in our collection. Looking for a statement style to brighten up your bedroom? Opt for a sculptural hanging lamp in gold or brass for an interesting focal point that will draw the eye. How about something simpler for the kitchen or study? A hanging lantern with a leather or industrial-style shade is a subtle way to introduce different textures and tones to your space. If you’re not sure where to start, take inspiration from the rest of the room—existing furniture, ornaments and textiles can provide a springboard for color, pattern and texture. Look for complementary shades and styles to create a unified look.

Choose the Right Light for your Ceiling

Selecting the perfect ceiling light for your space comes down to more than just personal taste. To find one that suits your interiors, first consider the scale and style of your home. Those with historical features and high ceilings, for example, should look for something that complements their home’s grand scale, such as a classic chandelier or pendant light in a statement design. If your living space is more modern, seek a style that mirrors its contemporary aesthetic: think materials such as glass or metal and simple silhouettes with clean lines.

Hanging your Ceiling Light

When hanging your ceiling light, it’s natural to gravitate towards the center of the room—but this isn’t always the best place for it. When seeking the perfect spot, your furniture and its arrangement should be taken into consideration. Take a room with a kitchen island or dining table; in this instance, your ceiling light fixture should hang directly above the feature in question, otherwise it will feel off-balance. You should also think about proportions; pendant lighting that’s being hung above a particularly grand dining table, for example, should be equally to scale to stop it from feeling out of place. Why not use your ceiling light to accentuate your interiors? From wooden beams to cozy fireplaces, position your lamps so they shine a light on your home’s best features.

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