When layered together, lamps create different moods that serve specific purposes. Our collection covers the full spectrum, from elegant floor and table lamps to space-saving wall lights.

OKA Luxury Lamps

Here you’ll find the perfect pieces to illuminate your home while adding a touch of style. Whether you’re searching for modern floor lamps to compliment a minimalist look, statement-making table lamps modeled on members of the animal kingdom, classic pieces in blue and white porcelain that bring a layer of delicate pattern and color to more traditional rooms, or unique designs that double as sculptural works of art, you’ve come to the right place. Many of our lamps have been expertly crafted or decorated by hand, showcasing true skill and artistic sensibility—the result is a luxurious collection of unique and eclectic designs you won’t find anywhere else. Once you’ve found your favorite, explore our collection of plain, patterned and colorful shades. If you can’t make up your mind, they can be mixed and matched with our lamps as the seasons change.

Contemporary lamps suited for every room 

Looking to bring light to a particular corner of a contemporary living space? We have just the lamps to match. Explore desk lamps for your new home office to brighten up the spot where you spend most of your day – whether you choose a sleek black minimal style or a golden base that’s been cast to resemble the branch of a tree, your mood will thank you. In search of bedside table lamps to bring a cosy glow to evening reads in your sitting room or bedroom? You’ll probably want a slightly smaller profile so you’re able to fit both the lamp base and a book on your side table. If you’re very short on room, our space-saving, sculptural wall lights will save the day… or rather, the night. 

Different lamp styles

There are plenty of designs to choose from within each of our lighting categories; try a tripod floor lamp for a sleek, modern look or a column lamp to bring a more straightforward, no-nonsense feel to a room. For those in search of historical flair, try a Bouillotte lamp (an antique candelabra-inspired style which was originally designed to provide light during card games) that looks as if it’s come straight from a period film set, or a hammered metal design with a distinctly Victorian vibe. Explore a wide selection of buffet lamps, including styles that have been carefully woven from rattan, hand-decorated with shells or made to look like chain mail. We also have a lovely selection of expertly crafted ceiling lights that are anything but ordinary overhead fixtures, and wall sconces for an array of design sensibilities. You might even catch a floor lantern or two – these pieces are perfect for giving outdoor gatherings an extra bit of practicality and glamour.