Wall Lights

If you're looking for a softer lighting source, or if space is an issue, consider wall lights. Try framing a mirror or bed with a striking pair of Art Deco-style sconces or one of our simpler brass wall light designs.

OKA Wall Lamps

The right lamp can brighten up a home in more ways than one – as well as providing soft, ambient lighting, our indoor wall lights double as works of art. Explore traditional sconces, unique hammered metal pieces and an Art Deco-inspired wall light; each carefully crafted to create a focal point and emit a cosy glow. An ideal solution if you don’t have enough surface space for an additional table lamp, these stylish and practical pieces are masters at creating beautiful ambience in a way that typical overhead lights just can’t quite manage. If you are looking for inspiration look no further than our guide to lighting.

Stunning wall lamps for every room in your home

Make an instant statement with our indoor wall light fixtures. Choose from classic styles that look great with empire and drum shades, sleek contemporary designs with matte glass coverings and sculptural, hammered metal pieces that are part function, part art. Use them as reading lights above your bedside tables, install multiple down a long hallway or place them on either end of your bathroom mirror. They work like a charm illuminating your bookcases in the sitting room or study; here they make elegant display features and help you find what you’re looking for on the shelves.

How to choose a wall lamp

Most importantly, think about what purpose you want your wall sconces or lamps to serve. Do you mostly want them to provide an aesthetic statement, or will you be relying on them as the main light source for a certain space? If the former, pick a style based on how it looks in your space and don’t worry so much about how much light it provides – an “up/down” sconce shape which throws a smaller amount of light in both directions is an aesthetically pleasing statement for this case. A more classic lamp design with a shade will usually give more light if you need it.

How easy is it to install a wall lamp?

With a little know-how, wall lamps are easy to install, but a lot depends on the type of lamp, the wall it will be attached to, where cable has been run and other characteristics of the room where you’ll be using it. For these reasons we recommend enlisting the help of an experienced professional to install your wall lights. When deciding on placement, make sure to consider the size of the light in relation to the height of your ceilings – a good rule of thumb for the most attractive results is to have them installed approximately at eye level. Once your lamps are properly installed, consult our lighting care guide for tips on cleaning and maintaining them, so they can be admired for years to come.