1. How to Choose the Perfect Rug for your Home

    How to Choose the Perfect Rug for your Home

    As our Co-Founder Sue Jones will tell you, a rug is a decorator's secret weapon. Read our guide to find the perfect fit for your home.

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  2. A Guide To Measuring Up For New Furniture

    A Guide To Measuring Up For New Furniture

    From doorways to dining tables, make the most out of your living space layout with these simple tips and tricks.

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  3. How to measure a lampshade

    How to measure a lampshade

    With some simple maths and rules of thumb, finding the perfect shade for your lamp base is a breeze.

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  4. The ultimate home bar

    The ultimate home bar

    Home bars are an excellent way to show off the sort of bottles worthy of display. We enlisted the help of Jack Guinness, Contributing Editor of British GQ, to bring you his take on our bar and hosting essentials.

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  5. A large rectangular mirror with grid-style detailing sits on a console table.

    How to Use Mirrors to Transform Your Home

    Far from simply being a practical object, a mirror is a transformative piece that can instantly make your space feel bigger and brighter.

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  6. Sofa Buying Guide

    Sofa Buying Guide

    Not sure what type of sofa to buy? Our guide is here with all the information you need.

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  7. Well-Dressed Bed

    Our Guide to a well-dressed bed

    A restful space and a good night's sleep is guaranteed with this useful bedroom guide.

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  8. A mirrored bedside table with a gold metal table lamp

    Find the Right Size Lamp for your Bedside Table

    With so many different lamps and lamp sizes to choose from, getting the perfect fit for your bedside table can be a challenge. OKA answers key questions to help you pick a table lamp that is both stylish and the right size for your space.

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  9. Country house dining table and chairs

    Our Guide to Choosing a Dining Chair

    We delve into the details, with the measurements, shapes and materials to consider when shopping for dining chairs.

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