It’s always a joy to discover something you love in your favourite store – the perfect cushion for your sofa, the exact artwork you had in mind for your wall, or an armchair in a shade that speaks to your style – but it feels even more of a win when you can shop that treasured piece for less. Getting the best out of sales is a fine art that savvy shoppers will know all too well, but the most salient piece of advice to follow is this: make sure you buy something you really love. Whether you’re on the hunt for Black Friday deals, browsing a Summer or Winter Sale, poised for a Boxing Day Sale or taking advantage of a one-time offer, promotions can often feel overwhelming. The pressure to purchase can distract from making practical and considered decisions, so we’re here to lend a helping hand. In this guide to shopping smartly, you’ll find all the answers to your questions on how to shop the sales online and in-store. 

A cosy sitting room with an orange velvet sofa, decorated with patterned cushions
A round wooden table decorated with blue vases. One of the vases holds autumn stems of berries and branches.

Look for Timeless Silhouettes

Here at OKA, we’d always advise against getting too bogged down in trends – whatever the time of year – but this becomes even more important when pieces are on offer. If you want to make the most of your sale shopping, seek designs that speak to your personal taste, and that you believe you will love forever. Think about how you use your home, the rooms you spend the most time in and the spaces that are worth investing in. Perhaps you’d benefit from the perfect extendable dining table to accommodate a growing family, or a beautiful sofa in a classic colourway, upholstered in a fabric that will wear in, not out? The best way to ensure your pieces will never go out of style is to select timeless silhouettes in colour palettes that will endure for generations to come.

Pay Attention to Craftsmanship

It’s not just the style of a piece that you should be taking into consideration, but how it’s made and what’s it’s made from, too. Sales are a great time to invest in high-quality fabrics, such as leather or 100% silk or linen, which will only get better with age. Handcrafted designs are also worth looking out for; many of our pieces are made using time-honoured artisanal practices, such as block-printing and embroidery. These intricate and time-intensive techniques require immense skill and are often administered by hand, rendering each piece utterly unique. 

Consider What You Really Need

If you’ve been contemplating a new set of dining chairs or a vase for your favourite blooms, then these are the pieces to have in mind when shopping a sale. Think about the items that are currently missing from your home, so that you’re ready to make the most of an offer when it comes around. Black Friday sales are a great opportunity to spring for designs that you really need. Remember, Black Friday isn’t only about online shopping – you can also enjoy this offer in our stores

Gifts wrapped in red-and-white striped paper and tied with a black bow, OKA gift bags and red berries are positioned against a red patterned backdrop.
A close-up of a patterned rug with a beige background and aztec shapes in muted tones of purple, red and blue.

Create a Wish List

One way to prepare for impending offers is to create a wish list of the pieces that you really love. When you’re shopping on our website, you’ll find a ‘heart’ icon in the top righthand corner of each product page; click on this to add your favourites to your wish list. This is a great tool to use when shopping the OKA Black Friday Sale online, as you’ll be able to see your most-wanted designs and their Black Friday discount quickly, meaning you’ll be primed and ready to nab your favourites – before somebody else does. 

Get Ahead with Gifts

If you’re shopping our Black Friday Sale 2023, then this is the perfect time to get ahead with your Christmas presents. Think about the people you have on your list this year and take advantage of our offers to get them something really special. We have a host of Christmas gift guides at different price points to help inspire your decisions. Summer and Winter Sales are also a great time to seek out something unique for your loved ones; perhaps you’re looking for a present for newlyweds, a housewarming gift or an anniversary idea? We have plenty of suggestions for you in our curated gift edits.

Stay Connected

Whether you’re searching for “OKA Sale furniture”, “OKA Sale sofas”, “OKA Sale cushions” or something else from our collection, we’d recommend signing up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new offers. If you already have an account with us, you can check whether you’re already opted in to receive our emails by clicking on the person icon in the top righthand corner of our website. In the meantime, why not visit the OKA Outlet stores in Didcot and South Godstone for exclusive savings? You can also shop the OKA Outlet online