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OKA offers stylish quality home furniture and accessories at affordable prices.

The OKA affiliate programme, offered through Affiliate Window and managed by Silverbean, is a great way to start earning money from your own website by promoting the OKA brand and our special offers. We’re always seeking new partners to spread the word so join today! The registration process is straightforward, completely free of charge and we'll reward you with commission on each sale from your website.

How can you get started?

Once you’ve registered as an OKA affiliate, you’ll be able to access our full range of text, email, banner and individual product links. From there you can embed these links into your site, add them to images (we provide a rather lovely selection) and promote them to your readers. When someone uses one of these links to buy from OKA, you’ll then receive 1% or more on whatever they order. Our Affiliates Marketing Manager at Silverbean is on hand to guide you through the set-up process, de-mystifying any jargon and tell you all the latest news and special offers.

Why sign up?

  • 3% commission on product revenue from existing customers
  • 6% commission on product revenue from new customers
  • 1% commission on product revenue from existing customers (cashback and vouchercode sites)
  • 3% commission on product revenue from new customers (cashback and vouchercode sites)
  • £0.50p per affiliate window assisted sale for new and existing customers for eligible content affiliates
  • Exclusive limited-time only offers for your followers and readers
  • 30 day cookie and daily data feed update
  • No monthly targets to achieve, simply join and start earning
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager assistance with set-up and queries
  • Fantastic range of creative, including photography of our inspirational roomsets

Join the programme today!

Register to join the OKA affiliate programme on the Affiliate Window network at

For any queries about the OKA affiliate programme, please contact the OKA affiliate team - [email protected]