Desk Lamps

With a compact footprint, neat silhouette and simple shades in glass, card or fabric, our desk lamps provide a focused light, helping you to concentrate on reading and writing.

OKA Desk Lamps

With flexible working becoming the norm, finding the right lamp to illuminate your desk is of the utmost importance. There’s no reason why functional lighting can’t also be pretty, so enjoy exploring our collection of brightly colored, gilded and nature-inspired lamps until you find the perfect piece.

Designer desk lamps for your home office

While there are plenty of options out there for lighting up your desk, if you treat yourself to a stylish desk lamp for your home office, it will make spending time there less of a chore and more of a choice. Your reading lamp doesn’t need to be boring; we have an array of options that are focal points as much as practical solutions – some are sculptural ornaments in their own right, others have lampshades painted gold on the inside for a glamorous glow. Take a look at our collection, comprising everything from modern desk lamps to the more traditional, and be inspired to spend time in your home office.

Choosing a desk lamp

Thinking about the use of your desk light and the kind of surface you’re placing it on—whether it’s a purposefully designed writing desk or an adapted dining table—is the best place to start when deciding on the style, shape and height of your lamp. Spotlight styles and those with angled heads are perfect if you’re focusing on writing or paperwork, but more traditional lamps will suit laptops and screens as the strength of the illumination is not as important, it’s more about atmosphere. Small desk lamps with petite bases and slim silhouettes are a good choice if you have a small surface, but if you have lots of space, go big, bold and ornamental.

Positioning your desk lamp

As with choosing your desk lamp, the placement of your lighting is extremely important for keeping your eyes healthy when doing intensive reading and writing in low natural light. Where you place your lamp will alter the glare and shadows, so think about which side you want it on. If you are right-handed, place it on the left and vice versa. With a laptop or computer, you want the beam focused on a keyboard and mouse rather than on the screen. Additionally, think about the electricity source: do you have a socket nearby? This will help you avoid unsightly and potentially hazardous trailing wires. You may want to contemplate two lamps instead of one to not only create appealing symmetry on your table, but to extend the glow – this will also enable you to move around and change positions so that you can be as comfortable as possible, making work easier. Another factor to consider is the existing lighting and natural light that you benefit from in your study – are you by a window? Do mirrors reflect light around your room? Will you be working at night or are you just after an atmospheric glow in the daytime? As mood enhancers, table lamps are a perfect choice.