There are certain patterns that will never go out of style. Stripes, for example, will be perennial favourites – with so many variations to choose from, their versatility makes them simple (and fun) to play with. Geometric prints are the same – angular, eclectic and diverse, these designs can be utilised in numerous ways. Another such pattern is the multi-talented floral; though often seen as feminine and traditional, these flowing motifs can look equally contemporary – it all comes down to the colour, scale, and, of course, what they’re being paired with. Perfect for springtime but versatile enough to work all year round, this charming print is a true classic. Discover how to introduce it into your home with this comprehensive guide to decorating with florals.

A palm print cushion and an embroidered cushion sit on top of a floral quilt on a bed.
A floral bedroom with pink wallpaper, floral cushions and a floral throw draped over the bed.

Look to Soft Furnishings

With any style, design or trend that you’re trying for the first time, the best route to testing it out in your home is through your accessories. These smaller details are ideal for sampling a new style, as it’s a more affordable (and sustainable) way to try out a look without it impacting the overall aesthetic of your space. This is particularly useful for those looking for simple floral room décor ideas, as it’s a way to inject a pop of print without it taking over the look. Florals and soft furnishings go hand in hand, so look to cushions and throws to inject a dainty print into your home. Our Primula Cushion Cover, for example, features floral embroidery in a pale palette of yellow, blue and white, making for a soft, feminine addition to a sofa or armchair. Our Sheki pattern, on the other hand, presents a bolder style, with large printed florals and embroidered vines adding textural detail; drape the throw over the arm of a sofa or across a bed for true statement style.

Two floral prints hang above a large wooden sideboard.
Large vintage wall art panels in a floral print provide a backdrop to a serene bedroom look.

Add Florals Through Artwork

Florals don’t necessarily have to take the form of a pattern to feature in your home – you can introduce them in other ways, such as through artwork. A singular statement print or a collection of framed pieces will bring a touch of the natural world to your space. If you’re wondering how to decorate a room with floral pictures, the answer is to simply seek a style that speaks to the wider aesthetic. For example, if your sitting room favours a more traditional look, then let your artwork choices follow suit – when it comes to florals, why not seek recreations of antique botanical prints or pressed flowers, to emphasise the more classic style in your home? For those who are on the hunt for modern floral room ideas, look for more graphic styles in bright colours, such as our Set of Six Calla Framed Prints – inspired by Art Nouveau tiles, these floral designs were adapted and enlarged to create an abstract effect, perfect for a modern home.

A floral upholstered ottoman sits in front of a grey sofa decorated with floral cushions. A black labrador sits on the sofa.

Layer Florals of Different Scales

Opposites attract not just in life but interiors too, and ­– as with any pattern ­­– decorating with florals and flowers is best achieved with prints of varying scales. If you want more than one floral design to exist in the same space, try pairing a pattern of ditsy florals, for example, with one that features big, blooming roses – this will help to ensure the room doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy and, in turn, old-fashioned.

A floral leaf-print cushon cover sits on a feather-print armchair.
A floral upholstered ottoman sits on top of a blue patterned rug.

Go Big with Upholstery

If you’d rather incorporate a floral print using one big piece, then may we suggest upholstery as the ultimate in statement style? A floral armchair or sofa, such as our Tarma Range in our much-loved Sheki pattern, or the more rustic Pomona Ottoman, for example, will instantly draw the eye and become a focal feature in a sitting room, bedroom or study. If you’re concerned an upholstered design will look too classic in a floral, the answer is to simply look for more contemporary detailing or silhouettes to temper the traditionality – bright colours, clean lines and embellishments, such as studs or embroidery, will naturally feel more modern than a classic printed cotton.

A bedroom scene with a floral embroidered armchair, matching throw and bright patterned rug.

Give a Bedroom a Focal Point

Soft, feminine and inviting, florals are naturally suited to a bedroom, helping to create a calming aesthetic. Floral wallpaper is one such way to create real impact in a space (perfect for those seeking a vintage floral bedroom look) but if that feels too much, why not consider just one piece that draws the eye? For more modern floral bedroom ideas, look no further than a headboard upholstered in your favourite print – our Sheki design, for example, offers a real focal feature, that you can use as a springboard for the rest of your interior design. With a neutral base and olive-green embroidery, it naturally lends itself to a calming palette despite its more statement style.

A black-and-white floral lamp is decorated with a pleated shade in a geometric print.
A striped armchair and ikat-print ottoman sit on top of a floral rug.

Pair Your Florals with Other Prints

What patterns go well with florals? Simply put, anything goes. The reason this print is such a classic is because of its ability to work with so many different looks. The best designs to mix with floral patterns are more graphic forms to contrast against the flowing motifs – stripes, checks or geometrics with clean lines will create impact (and balance). When pairing patterns together, try to make sure there’s a blend of colour, tone and print – this is important in ensuring your look feels cohesive. Make sure different shades work together, and try to repeat your colours at least once throughout the space – when it comes to contrasting patterns, having a complementary colour will temper the clash and make everything in your home sing in harmony.