Dopamine. What is it? Well, it’s defined as a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger produced by our bodies, which when released into the brain induces feelings of happiness. In short, it’s the answer to our joy, so, what better way to decorate than to incorporate the very feeling it emits into our interiors? Enter the trend: Dopamine décor. It’s an inherently personal style because what makes you happiest is unique to you, and that really is the only rule here. You don’t need to worry about your home or room looking like a carbon copy of your friend’s, who has also copped on to the design trend, because you’ll have different responses to different things. Rather than decorating for expectations, decorate to bring a smile to your own face. It’s the ultimate in self-care and self-appreciation, because all of those things that make you happy should be openly cherished and championed. Let us give you some tips on how to achieve this bliss.

A rattan breakfast tray set up on an ottoman.
A yellow table lamp displayed on a wooden bureau.


What Are Your Favourite Things?

Here’s a good place to start. We all love a personality test, so how about making a list of the things that you love? Ask yourself, what’s your favourite colour? Favourite animal? Favourite pattern, material, motif? Look around your home, see what catches your eye and work out why, or, think: how could that be more my style? What features does it have that I like, or don’t like? And beyond that, ask questions such as: what is my favourite memory and why? Where is my favourite place? These are things you can draw from to create a space that lifts your spirits. It’s a little bit like when you want to buy a present for someone, and you think of all the things they’re passionate about to make it as personal as possible (if you’re good at buying presents…), but this time, you’re giving yourself a gift that you can languish in for long periods of time.



Throw Some Colour At It

Literally, if you like. Just move your furniture out of the way first… Vibrant colours are the most obvious way to create that joyous feeling. Paint your walls your favourite shade, add pops of happy hues, and don’t worry about going overboard with bold and bright shades or clashing colours. Everything about dopamine décor should be fun. Perhaps you have one specific colour that you want to champion – known as colour drenching – if so, go big with it. If it’s blue, paint or paper your walls sapphire, choose a navy velvet sofa, a smoke blue leather stool and an aqua wool rug. Layer them all up so that your room packs a punch with every imaginable shade. You can balance out your chosen hue with a few faux plants, touches of white, and natural materials such as a cane console table, or a wooden desk. You can also choose to go neutral with the walls and floors so that you can really embrace the look with furniture and accents, because if you dislike too much colour, having a whole yellow room will actually have an adverse effect, despite the fact the sunshine hue brings you joy.


A table lamp displayed with scattered lampshades.
A pavlova surrounded by pretty tableware displayed on a dining table.


Pick and Mix

This look isn’t about picking a design style and sticking to it. It’s about mixing and matching; don’t worry about using all Mid-Century or Art Deco pieces, buy things simply because you like them! And don’t be afraid of clashing patterns and contrasting colours, as this is the backbone of the aesthetic. It’s one that you shouldn’t have to think hard about; it’s all about gut feeling. Though this is a trend, it’s a long-lasting one; why would you ever need to change your interiors again if every item, colour and texture in your room has been chosen because it belongs in your heart? Yes, you can keep adding things and let the space grow with you, but you won’t need to do a big switch up – unless, of course, you get enjoyment out of it. 



Think Unique Shapes

Curves are synonymous with this style because they make a piece of furniture instantly fun. An undulating side table brings a bucketful of playfulness without even trying. Our bobbin-inspired Bobina Range is the perfect choice for helping you out with this look; its gentle curves make a statement simply by being a little bit different.


A vase and a fruit bowl displayed on a sideboard.
A selection of ornaments displayed on wall shelving.


Style your Shelves and Get that Gallery Wall Going

Shelves are a prime location for displaying trinkets and accents that you fall in love with along the way. You don’t have to outfit your space all in one go, but creating that sense of nostalgia and sentimentality that boosts your mood can come from things you’ve picked up throughout your life, on your travels, or spotted in boutique shops. It could be anything from vases to plants, unusual mugs, striking lighting and even prettily framed artwork. While a gallery wall isn’t essential, you might find that if you keep purchasing every painting and print that you love, you’ll end up with quite the collection to display. Why not arrange them all together on your walls for the ultimate showcase of self expression? Maybe put a neon sign into the mix if that’s your style, or stick to an artfully painted word or phrase to break up the images.



Make Space for Things You Love

It’s a long time since Feng Shui became a commonly used term, but that particular idea will never go out of style because of the mental benefits that come with it. While Feng Shui does give off a peaceful, calm vibe that might seem at odds with dopamine décor, it’s decluttering aspects tie in very well. Get rid of the things that don’t serve your mood, whether that means selling them on or gifting to someone who does love them. Only buy pieces that you truly love, and try not to get tied up in trends that you won’t like when the winds change, leave room for more things that bring a smile to your face.