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One Sofa Five Ways

Cushions can totally transform not just your sofa, but your whole room. If you’re thinking of updating your colour scheme, cushions are a great place to start. The key is to use a mix of designs and fabrics to make it interesting.
Plain coloured linen or velvet cushions will really make your arrangement stand out, whereas embroidered designs will add depth and detail.

Here are five cushion combinations on one outdoor sofa - a quick and easy way to shake up your scheme for summer.

If you fancy having a go at arranging cushions yourself, why have a play with our handy online cushion arranging tool?

Aztec Dreams

One Sofa Five Ways - Aztec Dreams

These Aztec inspired cushions will add an element of interest wherever you place them

Gorgeously Geometric

One Sofa Five Ways - Gorgeously Geometric

This bold set proves that opposites do attract; the blue, cream and red colour palette ties the contrasting designs together.

Seeing Stripes

One Sofa Five Ways - Seeing Stripes

Dive your sofa a contemporary edge with these stripey cushions.

Sunrise Beauty

One Sofa Five Ways - Sunrise Beauty

Combine classic pinks and blue to create a bright and fun effect.

Tribal Chic

One Sofa Five Ways - Tribal Chic

An assortment of embellished cushions add fun and texture wherever they are placed.