Creating through innovation and craftsmanship

OKA will design and create quality pieces that will help people to translate the OKA way of life to their own homes.

Our vision at OKA is to inspire people to confidently create a home that reflects their personality – where nothing is too precious or too perfect to be enjoyed with family and friends. We have a passion for design and proudly partner with skilled independent craftsmen and family-run businesses all over the world.

We are committed to working closely with all our partners around the globe to support the needs of their businesses and to ensure that all our products are made to high ethical standards. We will leverage innovation and technology to improve product safety and quality, and work towards progressively adopting the principles of a circular economy – reducing, reusing and recycling.

Stimulate global craftsmanship

We aim to stimulate global craftsmanship by incorporating culture, history and heritage into the design of our products and by engaging with local communities. Our focus on finding craftspeople who are the very best at what they do will ensure that our products are made to last while being unique to OKA.
We will contribute to the economic development of countries that we work in – in particular China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia – by supporting local communities, increasing charitable partnerships and exploring opportunities around education and apprenticeships.

Transition towards a more circular business 

We are committed to the use of sustainable materials, and aim to source our products responsibly and locally wherever possible. Moreover, we will increase our resource efficiency by addressing product life-cycle management with our Product Development and Technical Quality teams, who are focused on improving the quality of our products to reduce waste.

Leverage innovation and technology to improve product safety and quality

As a trusted British brand, we are committed to providing high-quality and timeless furniture and accessories which are made, where possible, using renewable and ethically sourced materials. We are constantly reviewing our processes and looking at ways we can make improvements, leveraging innovation and technology to enable this.