The first bank holiday of the year is long awaited and therefore feels extra special; with four days to enjoy with family and friends, plus the prospect of blue skies and (hopefully) sunshine bringing an extra dose of excitement to the occasion, it’s little wonder the Easter weekend is so highly anticipated. It’s also one of the first events of the year to offer the perfect excuse to gather loved ones for a feast, and what better way to elevate the occasion than with a beautifully decorated table? If bunnies and bunting aren’t for you, fear not – we have not one but three Easter table ideas that take cues from the spring season instead. Use them for your bank holiday gatherings and beyond.

A round stone dining table is surrounded by dining chairs upholstered in a yellow fabric. On top of the table are rattan underplates, floral dinner plates and a vase with flowers.

1. Pretty and Patterned

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of a contrasting pattern, but your pairings don’t always need to clash – they can complement, instead. For this table, we’ve teamed several prints together using a gentle colour scheme and natural motifs. Here’s how to get the look.

Start with Natural Texture

When you’re not using a tablecloth, an underplate is a great way to bring a dose of texture to your design. Rattan has been a mainstay in our collection ever since our founding, and we love the tactile appeal it brings to tabletops. Try to bring in more than one texture to create a layered look; here, the rattan contrasts beautifully with the stone of the table and the linen of the dining chairs.

Mix and Match Your Patterns

There are three different prints present on this table, but the gentle colour palette ensures the look doesn’t feel overwhelming. When pairing patterns, try to mix different scales and styles together – this look works because the flowing florals of the Sheki China Range don’t overshadow the graphic lines of our Pulcinella glassware, or the busier marbled effect of our Nura Candle Holders.

Complement Your Colours

Earthy tones reign supreme in this look, with subtle pops of red and yellow bringing a springtime feel. We’d always encourage you to repeat colours at least once to ensure a cohesive palette, but that doesn’t mean those chosen hues need to be the most prominent. For example, on this tablescape, the red of the floral arrangement picks up the detailing on the plates and bowls.

Add a Floral Display

Your Easter table centrepiece needn’t be complicated to be effective. This is the perfect season to embrace Mother Nature’s bounty, so what better way to decorate your tabletop than a floral arrangement? Look for vibrant spring hues that complement the rest of your tableware, and choose a sculptural vase in a rustic finish to nod to the natural elements of the look.

A rectangular dining table is set with a grey linen tablecloth, rattan underplates and green plates, glasses and cutlery. Green velvet dining chairs surround it.

2. Mediterranean Dreaming

As the days get longer and the skies bluer, we know we’re not the only ones daydreaming of warmer climes. Bring the sunshine indoors with this Mediterranean-inspired tabletop, where citrus brights and verdant hues reign supreme.

Look to Nature

From golden rays to tranquil waters and fragrant olive trees, the Mediterranean showcases Mother Nature at he brightest. Bring the fruits of the outside world indoors through natural motifs and textures – think palm prints, linen napkins and rattan accessories.

Get Your Greens

Glittering emerald, sprightly spruce and zingy lime – green’s many shades bring joy to this tabletop. The varying tones and materials prevent the design from looking too repetitive, with velvet, linen, faux shagreen and glass putting tactile twists on the hue.

Create a Citrus Centrepiece

Easter table decorations don’t have to riff on the occasion’s traditional motifs – instead of chicks and ducks, why not look to the season’s bounty instead? Citrus fruits, with leaves still intact, add a striking pop of colour to the display – even better if you can weave in pots of herbs for an additional verdant touch.

Finish with a Decorative Egg

For a subtle nod to the holiday, tuck a decorative egg between the folds of your napkin. Adding an extra dose of pattern and colour, plus an elegant salute to the season, they’re the easiest way to decorate an Easter table.

A rectangular dining table is set with a peach tablecloth, white fluted-edge plates and a white vase with blossom.

3. Spring Shades

When it comes to simple Easter table ideas, we have you covered – the final in our inspirational trio is our easiest to master, relying on a pared-back palette and curved silhouettes to bring a fresh and feminine feel to the dining room. Follow our lead.

Seek a Soft Colour Scheme

For this understated look, paler hues bring a sense of calm and serenity. Light-coloured linens allow the brighter whites of the ceramics to shine, while crystal glassware and gold cutlery bring a subtle touch of glamour.

Curve Those Edges

To emphasise the gentle palette, favour rounded edges over clean lines. Our curvaceous Fyli Vase, fluted-edged Marissa Stoneware and Ranelagh Crystal Glasses continue the soft aesthetic ­– bonus points if you can pair your accessories with round-backed dining chairs, such as our Elder Range.

Borrow from the Fruit Basket

If you’re wondering ‘how can I decorate my table cheaply’ look no further than this fruity option. Just as we’ve used citrus in our Mediterranean tablescape, here a scattering of pears complements the pastel colour palette, and brings a natural touch to the look. 

Create an Easter Centrepiece

For those contemplating how to make an Easter centrepiece that speaks to the occasion, let this design be your inspiration. A beautiful arrangement of blossom branches, plus a few decorative eggs in a complementary colour palette to your table linens, will bring a touch of the festivities to your tabletop in an elegant and elevated way.