The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and with good reason – a hub for socialising, dining, working or resting, the space has many guises. Though chiefly practical, it’s a room where we spend a large amount of our time, and so its aesthetic should follow the same rules as the other spaces in your home: simply put, it should be reflective of your style. Eclectic kitchen décor – also dubbed 'kitschen', an amalgamation of kitsch and kitchen – is currently trending in interiors circles, which means that personality-packed design is the look du jour for this most important of spaces. Think a mix of classic and contemporary styles, bold colour palettes and plenty of accessories to bring your character to the fore. Whether you favour a maximalist look, are seeking a serene aesthetic, or simply want to inject a little personality, follow our lead with this guide to embracing an eclectic kitchen style.

Two navy leather bar stools are pulled up to a navy blue kitchen island. Two pleated lampshades hang above it.
A table setting with a bright blue tablecloth, patterned plates and cups of tea.

Mix and Match 

Eclecticism is all about taking a variation of colours, patterns, textures and design styles and blending them all together, so your first port of call should be to mix and match. This could be a case of pairing a traditional kitchen table with contemporary chairs, adding a modern colour palette to classic shaker-style cabinets, or bringing in accessories with colours, patterns or textures that feel in contrast to the rest of the space, such as arranging rattan pendant lights over a marble-topped kitchen island. The best part about eclecticism is that anything goes, so feel free to experiment with your choices and embrace a more playful design style.

Have Fun with Colour 

Eclectic kitchen ideas take many forms, but it does usually involve colour in some way. When it comes to the kitchen, you could embrace the maximalist colour drenching trend – the art of repeating the same colour throughout the entire space – by choosing one hue and incorporating it into every element, from your cabinets to your glassware, dining chair upholstery and tableware. If this feels a little too bold for your style, we’d recommend looking for colourful opportunities with accessories – a patterned rug laid beneath your kitchen table, for example, will ground the room in colour, and provide you with a palette for the rest of the space. If your kitchen features pendant lights, why not swap a simple shade for something more vibrant? Hung in a central position, they’ll instantly draw the eye.

Embrace Natural Materials

Packed with appliances, the kitchen has the potential to be quite a sterile space thanks to its more practical elements. Furniture and accessories are your go-to for adding warmth, and natural materials in particular will help to create a softer, more inviting space. Layering textures is key to any room, but it’s particularly useful for adding charm to those more practical areas. You could pair a wooden dining table with linen-upholstered chairs, place rattan bar stools with a marble kitchen counter, or add a jute rug to stone flooring for a tactile addition underfoot. Accessories, too, can help – rattan underplates, linen lampshades and a stone vase with a bouquet of flowers will all add to the layered and eclectic effect.

Two white bar stools are pulled up to a white kitchen island in a minimalist kitchen.
Two rattan bar stools are pulled up to a marble-topped kitchen island.

Display Your Trinkets and Treasures

Coffee tables, console tables and bookcases are often the places where we tend to showcase our smaller accessories and objets d’art, which is why they typically end up confined to the sitting room, hallway or bedroom, but there’s no reason these pieces can’t find a home in your kitchen too. If you have space for a few shelves or a cabinet, then use these to get creative. Souvenirs, books, candles and plants are all small additions that can have a real impact when it comes to making your kitchen a more homely and inviting space. Try to include a mix of different heights and scales, as this will be naturally more pleasing to the eye and will help to emphasise the eclectic side of the look.

Bring Personality to Your Walls

If you’re short on shelving space, look to your walls for opportunities to introduce your character to the room. A mirror in a sculptural silhouette, a set of prints or a statement artwork will bring colour, pattern and personality to your kitchen. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for small eclectic kitchen style ideas, as those lacking in surface space can take eclecticism to new heights. You could even include a few photographs or postcards in statement frames and prop them up against the wall for a small but impactful addition.

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