Wall flowers, look away now. We’ve long been fans of a bold interior design style, and our latest collection has continued this passion in full force. Among our new furniture and homeware you’ll find graphic patterns, striking silhouettes and punchy palettes that, when combined, make for a daring and dynamic aesthetic. It’s true statement style, but it’s not quite the kitsch eclecticism of maximalism; this look is all about being bold with clean lines, geometric patterns and sculptural silhouettes. It’s sharp, slick and to the point – brave in the most organised of ways. Intrigued? Follow our lead…

A collage of furniture and homeware in vibrant colours, bold patterns and geometric shapes.
A red bobbin-inspired table lamp with cube-shaped detailing is decorated with a spotted lampshade.

Look to Primary Colours

The soft romanticism of pink or the endearing freshness of sage are best reserved for looks of a gentler nature. This style is bold and its palette follows suit. Bright, crayon box colours are the shades du jour, with primary hues leading the charge. Fire engine red (already a trending colour in 2024), cobalt blue and sunshine yellow are your first port of call when it comes to this aesthetic, with peppy jungle green and high-vis orange making for equally vivid accent colours. To temper the vibrancy, pair these statement hues with neutrals and naturals – stone tables, rattan lampshades and linen soft furnishings will balance out the bolder shades.

Mix in Monochrome Accents

Monochrome accents add a punchy full stop to the medley of primary hues and neutral tones. Think thick black lines, present on the legs of armchairs, on the frames of artworks or in the shape of side tables. Graphic patterns in black and white give another nod to this trend; look to grid prints on soft furnishings and stripes on accessories ­– just make sure the lines are sharp and straight.

A hallway image with sculptural console table, graphic print artwork and accessories.
Three cushions with geometric prints sit on a neutral-coloured sofa.

Be Bold with Pattern

It’s not just with colour that we encourage you to be daring ­– patterns are key to this eclectic look. Pair the aforementioned graphic prints with geometrics, checks and abstract shapes. When it comes to contrasting patterns, the key is to select a mix of scales – team a smaller geometric with a wider stripe, for example – and ensure there’s always at least one complementary colour to create synergy. We’d usually recommend pairing liner patterns with flowing motifs, such as a check with a floral, but for this look straight lines reign supreme – in this instance, the best port of call is to ensure your prints go in opposite directions to create a point of difference.

Seek Unexpected Silhouettes

Though clean lines are this style’s defining characteristic, there’s no reason those linear pieces can’t be eclectic in their own right. Take cues from your graphic prints and seek designs in unusual and unexpected forms – think the hexagonal shape of our Shida Side Table, the curved silhouette of our Beta Table Lamp or the Huxley Mirror, with its cubed take on the bobbin trend. Though simple in colour, their sculptural forms draw the eye and add instant interest to a space. Paired with a vibrant palette, contrasting prints and monochrome accents, they’ll give this bold design style a final – and daring – flourish.