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  • Guide to Setting A Dining Table

    By Debbie Watson

    Taking time to set your dining table properly adds a sense of occasion to any dining event, and will be much appreciated by your guests. So you’re fully prepared for the next time you host, watch our simple video guide to learn how to set a dining table the OKA way.



    1. First of all, make sure you have enough plates for all the courses you’ll be serving. Our simple yet sophisticated Sorano dinnerware with scalloped edging is extremely versatile. It is both elegant enough for a dinner party and robust enough for everyday use.


    2. Each place setting should have a tumbler for water and a glass for wine, and also a champagne flute if there’s cause for celebration!


    3. Even everyday cutlery looks smarter when laid out correctly, but ensure you replenish the available selection after each course.


    4. Neatly position a crisp white napkin upon a side plate or soup bowl, and embellish with a tassel or tie as a final flourish.


    5. A cluster of coloured glass decanters in three different sizes makes for a wonderful table display, whilst also allowing guests to refill their glasses as and when they choose.


    6. Achieve a magical evening ambience by pairing our glass hurricane lamps with pillar candles.


    7. Create a show-stopping centrepiece with a decadent arrangement of beautiful and very realistic faux flowers.


    8. Finally, add personality to your table setting with a few finishing touches. A small favour at each place setting will be well received, whilst the addition of throws and cushions allows guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.


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