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A Guide To Measuring Up For New Furniture

It’s always exciting to design a new room. A blank slate is the best place to start so that you can artfully imagine a whole new scheme for your space. Proportions are everything so it’s vital that you take accurate room measurements and design the space so that you can move through it easily, allowing sufficient space for your furniture to function as it should. With these simple tricks and tips on how to measure a room, you’ll transform your home in no time.


Living Room


How do you measure a room?

It’s easy to take room measurements simply by calculating the width and length of the room. Take into considerations any radiators, plug points and alcoves. To decide how to lay furniture out in the room based on available floor space, you can use newspaper templates. Make 2D templates of your chosen furniture by taping together some sheets of newspaper. Lay them on the floor and move them around considering how they work together. If you are left with a lot of empty floor then you might need to scale things up, if there’s barely any floor left then you might want to reconsider sizes or leave something out.


Dining Room


How do you ensure you have enough free space?

First things first, do you have enough space for that epically grand solid wooden dining table that you simply must have? Well, as a general rule when it comes to room measurements, as long as you allow at least 50cm of space from one piece of furniture to the next then the answer is: yes, you do. (The exception to this rule is a side table which usually sits right next to the bed, sofa or chair).


Dining Chair


On the subject of dining tables, do make sure that you have at least 50cm space between the back of the dining chairs and any walls, as this will give you enough space to move back and get up. This guide to choosing a dining chair can help you make your final decision. When measuring up for hallway furniture, always ensure that you have at least 80cm of space left to walk past. Any less will feel cramped and uncomfortable.




What is the ultimate space between your sofa and TV?

We’ve put together a wonderful little equation for you so that you can easily check the optimal distance between your sofa and your television: simply measure the diagonal of your television screen, then move your sofa back between 1.5 and 3 times this distance. For example, if you have a 40” screen, your sofa should be between 5’ and 7’ away.


Space Between Sofa And TV


How do you measure window heights?

For an inspiring office view, or merely a good people-watching spot, consider sitting an elegant desk under the window. Be sure to measure the drop from the bottom of the window to the floor to ensure there are no unsightly overlaps. If your windows are north-facing take a look at our guide to brightening dark rooms. When selecting furniture, you should also consider the height of windows in the room. This is often overlooked, but you don’t want to end up with a wardrobe that is taller than your windows. To measure the height of your windows, take the measurement from the floor up to the very top of the window.


Desk Under The Window


How do you measure ceiling heights?

To avoid feeling like Alice in Wonderland in the shrinking room, keep an eye on ceiling height. Ideally you should have at least 20-30cm of free space above any tall piece of furniture as this will create a feeling of space. If you have cornices, measure to the bottom of the cornice to establish your ceiling height (otherwise taller pieces such as bookcases might not sit flush against the wall). For sloping ceilings always measure to the lowest point.




How do you measure your doorway?

Last but by no means least, this step is absolutely crucial. It’s all very well measuring out the space you have inside the room, but if your gorgeous new furnishing won’t fit through the door (or window!), it’ll have to be loaded right back onto the lorry.




Once you’ve taken room measurements and mapped out where everything will go, then the real fun can begin – shopping! If the thought of measuring your room and filling the space with beautiful furnishings all seems like a bit of a chore, do get in touch with our expert Interior Designers who can take out all of the hard work for you.