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  • I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

    For as long as humans have roamed the earth, we’ve been captivated by the sea. From the rugged Atlantic coasts, to the azure waters of distant tropics, its charms are endless. Regardless of whether you have a waterside villa or a city apartment, it is always nice to be reminded of the beauty of the sea.


    It’s really no surprise then that for thousands of years people have collected seashells and other aquatic wonders to decorate their homes. Such is their allure that shells have even been found amongst the ruins of ancient Pompeii and buried deep in a crypt in a Mayan pyramid. We can’t help it, we simply adore the sea! Discover our sea-inspired collection and immerse yourself in the wonders of the water world:



    If you’ve fallen for coastal-inspired interiors, look no further than this stunning textured faux coral lamp. Hand-carved to resemble a realistic piece of coral and standing on a decadent glass and solid marble base, this table lamp is every bit as practical as it is exotic. A truly sophisticated way of bringing the seaside into your home.





    Shells are both beautiful and intriguing but removing them from beaches can have a negative effect on delicate eco-systems. Instead, bring them into your home with this set of six seashell prints, inspired by sketches found in 18th century scientific publications. Each print depicts a different species including nautilus, conch and murex shells - with the Latin name underneath. Similarly, seaweed is better left on the beach, so we’ve created these gorgeous marine botanical framed prints so that you can take home a little piece of the sea (without the smell!)



    A life-size langoustine ornament cast in off-white resin. This mollusc maquette captures all the fine detail found in a real langoustine, including the shell, barnacles and a rather realistic set of claws.



    Shaped like a sea urchin, this fabulous detailed jug is hand-sculpted in porcelain and glazed a natural shade of pale blue, with hints of brown. With its exaggerated beaded handle, this jug is bound to be the talk of the table. The stylish design means it can double up as a vase too, making it a unique and useful addition to your home.


    Shop our entire seaside collection here and bring these exotic elements into your home for the ultimate summer-feeling. Don’t forget to kick-start your summer by reading our spring clean blog to get your home spick and span for the sunshine!