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  • Flying The Nest

    By Debbie Watson

    September is a time for fresh starts. For some this means starting university, moving out of the family home with people they’ve lived with for 18 years into somewhere unfamiliar with strangers. It’s also often a time when first-time buyers move out of their rented accommodation and into somewhere they actually own. So how can you make your new house – be it temporary or permanent, rented or owned – into somewhere you can call home? Large furniture aside, here’s our list of the top ten essentials for your new home:


    Mugs & Teaspoons
    Moving house can be thirsty work and it won’t be long before you start to crave a cup of tea or coffee, so your first purchase for the kitchen (after a kettle) should definitely be a set of mugs and some teaspoons. Also, there’s no better way to bond with your new neighbour or housemate than over a cup of tea and some biscuits.


    With half-unpacked boxes everywhere - not to mention all the ‘stuff’ you’ve managed to accumulate over the years - storage needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Wooden trunks are invaluable for small spaces, acting as side tables and coffee tables if need be. Small rattan boxes are excellent for organising smaller items, and before long, your new home will be more practical (and tidier) space to live in.


    Cushions & Throws
    Lots of cushions will come in very useful if you have to sit on the living room floor whilst waiting for your new sofa to arrive. And if you’re stuck with a tired, old sofa that’s seen better days, a throw will reinvigorate it instantly (and hide a multitude of sins). Both cushions and throws are a quick and inexpensive way of adding colour to a room if you aren’t allowed to decorate.


    Bedside Table & Bedside Lamp
    Apart from a bed, a bedroom really only needs two other essentials: a bedside table and a bedside lamp. A small lamp beside the bed is vital for getting in and out of bed at night, and also helps to create a relaxing ambience in the room. A bedside table provides a surface for said lamp, along with space for other bedtime necessities such as a glass of water and an alarm clock, plus storage underneath if required.


    Wall Decor
    Bare walls can make a house feel cold, unlived in and even a little unloved. Hanging some eye-catching art on the wall instantly adds personality to your home, whilst a mirror (although primarily functional) offers an insight into your tastes depending on the style of frame selected.


    And just one more...
    You’re bound to get flowers as a housewarming gift so it makes sense to have a vase to put them in!

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