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  • Take One: Four Poster Bed

    By Debbie Watson

    Who hasn’t fantasised about waking up in a four-poster bed? A familiar statement piece in fairytales, films and five-star hotels, many of us could never imagine having one in our own home, considering them far too glamorous for everyday life. Step forward the Tuvalu Four-Poster Bed: a blank canvas of a bed that transcends architecture, location and scheme, seamlessly fitting in to whatever bedroom it needs to just by adding or changing the drapes. The pared-back design of the metal frame gives it a modern feel - making it much more accessible for contemporary homes - whilst the canopy shape and the addition of drapes are a nod to traditional influences. Whatever your interiors style, as long as your bedroom has a high ceiling, our Tuvalu Bed will fit in perfectly. But to prove just how versatile it is, we’ve styled it five different ways – the question is, which do you prefer?



    Although elaborate in design, in its original form the Tuvalu becomes almost invisible. The metal frame that gives it a chameleon-like quality combines well with the ‘Weathered’ Oak pieces and smart black accessories, resulting in a smart, stylish look.




    No other type of bed would do for this grandiose city apartment. A palatial colour scheme of rich ochre and purple calls for equally extravagant bespoke drapes, so we added a corona on top for a final flourish.




    With flowing, floral drapes (plus matching cushions and curtains), our provincial four-poster bed is the perfect place for a well-earned weekend lie-in. Delicate embroidery and a minimal colour scheme pairs well with the soft grey frame to create a relaxed, country-style bedroom.




    Tribal-inspired fabric against a bold pink wall definitely makes an impression in a bedroom. Drapes in a plain, block colour might be too much in this instance, so we’ve chosen a washed-out ikat print as the perfect alternative to tie the whole scheme together.




    This beautiful, romantic bedroom in a rustic French farmhouse is perfect for a post-lunch nap during the hottest part of the day. Here we've used plenty of cushions, and full width drapes that can be drawn for maximum privacy.