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  • Preparing Your Home For Easter

    Get some inspiration and useful hints with our whole-house guide to getting your space fit for Easter celebrations.




    Prepare your guest rooms

    Easter is a time for family, friends and (it goes without saying) pets, so if you’ll be having guests over for the long Easter weekend, think about preparing your space for the extra numbers.

    Guests are likely to enjoy a bedroom much more if it feels lived in rather than functional. Even if you’ll only be having guests over for a few days, it pays to put some effort in.


    As well as fitting out your guest bedroom with some charming Easter accompaniments - think a bowl of Easter eggs on the bedside table, a beautiful vase of fresh daffodils sitting under the bathroom mirror in the en-suite - invest in some good-quality bedding and ensure there’s plenty of storage space. Some simple storage boxes or luggage racks (take a look at this Panama foldaway rack) gives your guests somewhere to hang their things.


    And sometimes it’s the little touches that have the largest impact. Putting a tea-and coffee-tray in the bedroom and laying down some dog biscuits if your guests will be bringing a four-legged companion are easy to do - but they make a big, big difference.


    Prepare for the Big Lunch

    As well as lots of chocolate, the heart of any Easter celebration is usually a scrumptious lunch - a saddle of lamb perhaps, fresh spring vegetables, some simnel cake - with everyone gathered in the kitchen or dining room for the big feast.


    If you need to maximise your space, you’ll be having a lot of people over or you use the kitchen or dining room for different purposes, an extendable dining table is just the ticket - it means you can comfortably seat extra guests with no extra hassle.


    As to the table itself, Easter-themed tableware is a must - whether it’s some hand-decorated egg cups, napkins with chickens on or some spring flowers to give a splash of Easter colour.


    All around the house - occasional seating

    When hosting a big party of people, occasional seating will come in really handy - prepare your space for extra numbers with some floor cushions or some side benches - dotting a few of these around the house is a good idea, especially if you’ll all be flitting from room to room.