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  • Spring Cleaning Tips

    It’s time to throw open the windows, grab a feather duster and get your home ready for spring. Don’t panic, we’re not talking about a complete makeover - just a thorough clean from top to bottom and a few small changes of accessories are all that's required to make your home feel shiny and new again. Thankfully, the arrival of the vacuum cleaner means we clean our homes more frequently than we once did; however, we still feel an annual spring clean is a nice ritual to uphold, so here are a few of our tried and tested tips.





    As this is the first place your guests will see, make sure it creates the right impression. A new arrangement of seasonal flowers in a beautiful vase on a windowsill or occasional table is definitely a step in the right direction. Whilst we would usually marvel at faux flowers for their versatility - you can have your favourite variety whatever the time of year - we think it’s better to keep spring arrangements seasonal so they appear even more realistic. Delphiniums, foxgloves, sweet peas and amaryllises are all in bloom during April, and their pretty, delicate shades will instantly brighten up your interiors.


    Swapping your room fragrance to mark a change in season is also a nice touch. Our sense of smell is much more enhanced than the other senses that filling a room with fresh or floral notes to evoke spring will completely alter the mood in the space without having to change anything else. After a while we become accustomed to a room fragrance, so changing them from time to time will definitely have a positive effect.



    After being a place of hibernation during the winter months, it's time to freshen up your bedroom both literally and figuratively. Pack away heavy duvets in a trunk until next autumn (after laundering and airing them first of course), and dress your bed with layers of lightweight quilts and throws instead, that can be stripped back one by one as we move into summer.


    A spring clean is also the perfect opportunity to rid the airing cupboard of those old, worn sheets and treat yourself to some beautiful new bedding. Our Huguenot duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets are made from 100% stonewashed linen which is both luxurious and breathable, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choosing simple white bedding over patterned or coloured brings understated elegance to a bedroom and instantly makes the space feel bigger.




    The attention begins to turn towards the outside of the home during spring, so it’s best to get your living room sorted now before summer arrives. As the most frequently used room in the house, take this opportunity to give the soft furnishings in your living room a really thorough clean, so take up any rugs, remove loose covers from sofas and take down your curtains. You’ll be astounded at the difference getting them professionally cleaned makes (dirt is very deceiving) and the fact that something so simple can make them look as good as new. Whilst your soft furnishings are being laundered, consider swapping them for lighter colours or materials - and in the case of rugs, leaving the floor underneath bare - to create a relaxed spring scheme.


    If you’re lucky enough to have a real fire (and the weather is warm enough to let it go out), tidy away all your fireplace apparatus such as the fireguard, log basket and poker, to leave the hearth clean and uncluttered. Once the fireplace is empty, why not rearrange your sofas and armchairs to take advantage of the extra daylight and make the windows the focus of the room instead? Light is so important in the home, whatever the time of year, so make a note to clean your windows, both inside and out. If it’s not a task you undertake regularly (and especially if you live in a town or a city where there is a lot more pollution), you’ll be astonished at what a difference it can make to the amount of light in a room.





    A rarely used, more formal dining room might not require much more than a light dusting, so pay attention to the finer details of the space. Take a close look at your wooden furniture: if it needs waxing, polishing or a treatment applied then now is the time to do so as the good weather means you can open the windows to air the room out. For upholstered chairs, remove any stains by carefully spot cleaning the fabric and allowing it to dry naturally, or alternatively, invest in a new loose cover to hide unsightly marks that just won’t budge.


    Don’t forget to look up when spring cleaning: we tend to disregard anything above eye level but it’s in these places where dust will gather. Wipe down your ceiling lamps and bulbs, clean the top of cabinets and shelves, and remember to dust the frames around pictures and mirrors too.




    The bathroom is probably the most frequently cleaned room in the house and therefore more likely to get messy on a daily basis. If your cosmetics and toiletries are spread out across every available surface, invest in some stylish storage accessories. A few small rattan baskets or faux shagreen boxes will encourage tidiness and also show that functional items can still be beautiful.



    Spring cleaning is not just for your house, it's for paperwork too. Box files and magazine folders are great for organising and storing those important documents that have started to pile up on your desk. Storage is key in a study – 'a tidy desk is a tidy mind' as the saying goes – so try to try to incorporate bigger pieces with shelves, drawers and cabinets. And if you’re not planning on purchasing anything new, swap furniture from one room to another where it will be utilised more efficiently.


    Many of these tips can be applied to the whole house and most of these don’t require a lot of effort or expense at all. A combination of something new, such as a cushion cover or lampshade, along with a deep clean and a reshuffle of your existing furniture will instantly renew your interiors. If you have any other spring cleaning tips that you use each year, please do share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.



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