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  • A Spring Makeover

    By Sally Kemp-Welch

    Now that spring has officially arrived, it’s a good moment to take stock of your surroundings and to kick-start the coming season with a few changes to your home. A spring makeover needn’t be complicated or expensive; in fact, you can transform a room from cosy and cosseting to bright and uplifting in a few simple steps. Changing a room that you use every day will revitalise your home and it will also put a spring in your step, so before you put off doing anything for another year, read our useful tips.



    Giving your home both a summer and a winter ‘wardrobe’ that you can alternate from season to season will extend the longevity of your design scheme and breathe new life into your home each spring and autumn. Note that no furniture has been moved or swapped during this winter to spring transition; we’ve kept things very simple to illustrate how small changes can create dramatic results.

    Our autumnal palette exudes warmth, from the deep red cushions to the gentle low level lighting, to the fire crackling away in the hearth. By complete contrast, the spring living room showcases a much cooler scheme, both in the colours chosen and the fabrics used; velvet cushion covers have been changed for linen ones in duck egg and faded pink; the bold ikat print silk lampshade has been replaced by a plain cotton one; heavy faux fur throws are out and lightweight faux mohair throws are in. The end result is a fresh and cheerful living room where the emphasis is on letting natural light enter and fill the space.


    Spring Makeover



    These are just a few of our suggestions to mark the seasonal switch, but there are other steps you can take if you’re inspired to ring the changes:


    • Try lifting rugs to reveal bare floors, or swapping rugs between rooms.
    • If you’ve a fireplace remove all the associated paraphernalia (fireguard, log basket etc) to leave a clean and uncluttered surround.
    • Consider rearranging furniture to take advantage of spring and summer light; shift the focus from the fireplace to the windows.
    • Change your room fragrance as you go into spring: smell is so evocative that with a simple shift from warm winter notes to fresh spring florals you can completely transform a person’s experience of a room.
    • Spring clean your windows to allow the maximum light in. If it’s not something that you do regularly (and especially if you live in a town or a city) you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.
    • Keep faux flower arrangements seasonal; at the start of spring, use Magnolia stems, tulips or cherry blossom, then as the season progresses introduce roses, peonies and other summer favourites.


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