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  • Gifts For Men

    When Christmas comes around you can almost hear the collective groan of despairing women in the men’s section of every store. It’s a well-documented and universal fact that men are very nearly impossible to buy for. At OKA we believe in timelessness over trends and we make sure our gift selection is no different. Our designs are guaranteed to be treasured; we have a thoughtful and individual selection that would make the perfect gift for men of every character.


    The Man About Town

    Saddle Leather Watch Box

    He’s always on the go and is invited to every party, so he manages his time very carefully. Cue our stunning leather watch box to keep his favourite time pieces. Hand-stitched from the finest buffalo leather in aged, nut brown with a pale faux suede lining, our Saddle Leather Watch Box features three compartments for storing your favourite watches and a smart, magnetic silver clasp. Part of our Saddle Leather collection, inspired by travel essentials from the colonial era which were practical, rugged and by design, extremely beautiful.


    The Philosopher

    Julius Bust Statue

    The man that everyone goes to for advice, the man who knows it all (but in the best kind of way) and is constantly asking the hard questions. For the perfect addition to his study, where all his deepest thinking takes place, take a look at the Julius Bust Statue. With the fine appearance of metal, despite actually being cast in a versatile, light resin, this serious statue is a sophisticated gift for an equally sophisticated man.


    The Bookworm

    Horse Head Bookends

    He’s always got his nose in a good book, whether it’s a classic novel, yet another book on trees or a collection of poetry. Our striking Horse Head Bookends will make a beautiful and useful gift that he’s sure to love. These bookends have been cast in resin then painted grey to resemble a matching pair of ancient stone horse heads, mounted on contrasting black-coloured stands for a modern twist.


    The Cook

    Trumpet Spoon

    Whenever he doesn’t pick up your calls you know exactly where he is, in the kitchen – of course! He’s mad about cooking and is constantly thinking up new and unusual concoctions for all of his close friends and family. This beautiful Trumpet Spoon will make his cooking appear even more artful, made of solid brass with a remarkably realistic 'verdigris' finish, it is the perfect accompaniment to serve herbs or spices, sugar or sauce.


    The Artist

    Jack Of Hearts Prints

    This man has impeccable taste. He has travelled all over the world and allows only the finest objets d’art through his front door – he’ll be sure to hold it wide open for this unbelievably striking set of collages. The Jack of Hearts and King of Clubs Collages make a stunning spectacle wherever they are placed. Whimsical and contemporary, this unique pairing is crafted from thick, carefully measured sections of printed cardboard. Every piece has been cut to the right size, and in the right shape, in order for the collage to come together properly. Showcased in a black resin frame and protected by a glass cover, the collages are mounted on thick, premium quality card.


    The Handyman

    Pocket Leather Measuring Tape

    Whenever you have an untimely light bulb mishap or a new home DIY project, this is the man you want to call. His skills seemingly know no limits and there’s no shelving crisis he hasn’t been able to fix. With our pocket-sized Leather Measuring Tape, he'll always have a tape measure to hand (which is fantastic for both him and you!). Available in three colours (black, red and tan) and extends to three metres.


    The Cocktail Connoisseur


    His cocktail parties are legendary and we have one sure way of securing your next invite: this striking Faux Shagreen Serving Tray. Stylish and practical, this large tray is perfect for entertaining. Made from walnut wood inlaid with onyx faux shagreen, it features a generous lip and inset handles so that you can carry a tray of glasses safely. It’s a cocktail party must!