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  • How To Decorate With Faux Shagreen

    Faux Shagreen Drum Table


    Faux shagreen is a vinyl material, usually made from resin. Designed to replicate the leathery hides of elasmobranches (also known as sharks, dogfish and stingrays), the faux version is an environmentally friendly, durable alternative to the real thing. Discover more about the history of the material and how it is made in Shagreen In The Spotlight. In the meantime, here are our top tips on how to style it around your home.


    How To Decorate With Faux Shagreen

    It’s no surprise that faux shagreen is popular. The smooth, pebble-like finish exudes luxury and it can be created in a kaleidoscope of hues. It’s a handsome and stylish material that adds just the right amount of texture.


    Faux_Shagreen Diffuser


    You can start small. Choose an accessory that features a subtle pop of the richly textured finish: a set of coasters would do the trick. They’ll bring interest to your table, in an understated way. On the other hand, if you want to turn visitors (sha)green with envy, introduce a larger piece to your scheme. Our collection is carefully crafted by skilled artisans to look incredibly realistic and it’s ideal for introducing a touch of glamour to a room.


    How To Bring Vintage Style To Your Scheme With Shagreen

    Shagreen had a revival in the 1930s, with designer Clément Rousseau incorporating the finish into his works. Art-deco shagreen furniture was all about opulent patinas and classical forms. The Faux Shagreen Newspaper Box and Trisphera Vase are modern takes on this style. The vase is ceramic whereas the box is lined with a smart walnut trim and veneered in our signature taupe faux shagreen.


    Dalu Sideboard


    The finish was also popular in the 1970s, due to a renewed interest in Art-Deco interior style. Seventies décor is often remembered for its bright colours and bold prints, however, the decade is also associated with glamour, decadence and the pairing of natural finishes with bold textures. Our Lantau, Shinto and Dalu Collections encompass these design traits, boasting either cool taupe or onyx faux shagreen, and square legs adorned with real gold or silver leaf.


    Faux Shagreen


    Hopefully, we’ve done enough to tempt you into shagreen-infested waters. At OKA, we’re always adding faux shagreen furniture and accessories to our collection, so keep an eye out for the perfect piece for your home.