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  • Making A Statement

    By Debbie Watson

    Sometimes when furnishing your home, you’re looking for something out of the ordinary; a show-stopping piece that will become the centrepiece for the whole room, creating a talking point for visitors and also providing an insight into your interior design style. A statement piece is where design surpasses function. Most of the time we are led by the practicality of a piece of furniture, but with statement pieces, they often just catch your eye due to their sheer presence, their uniqueness or that sense of je ne sais quoi. And whilst you know it might be tricky to slot them into your scheme, you know that you just have to have them. Here are just a few of our favourite statement pieces from the current collection...

     Mandrake Cabinet

    Why settle for plain and simple storage when you could keep bed linen, crockery or other accessories inside this wonderfully decorative cabinet? This black lacquer cabinet features an intricate tree design etched into the doors, which contrasts beautifully with the natural wood background.


    Lempicka Screen

    Embracing the current metallic trend, this luxurious art deco inspired, mirrored dressing room screen is not just for decoration. It would be a great asset in a studio apartment as a stylish way of separating the bedroom from the rest of the living space.

    Piero Console Table

    Consoles can be just as ornate as whatever is displayed on top of them. Despite its compact size, this elaborate console table – with skirted top, tapering legs and an antique gold painted trim – delights and excites the onlooker even when bare.

    The Walpole Chair

    As the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the detail’, and this is certainly true of these Gothick-inspired chairs. Quatrefoil shapes and floral symbols hand-carved into the back of the chair transform a simple, functional piece into something much more spectacular.


    The Campaign Tent - Saintclou

    Who would ever guess that this is actually a wardrobe? With its bold patterned exterior, statuesque proportions and unusual shape, it has all the essential elements of a statement piece. A unique piece of design like this deserves to be seen by everyone, so consider using it in a hallway in place of a coat stand.


    Palazzo Headboard

    Something as simple as adding a headboard to a divan bed can completely change a bedroom. This dramatic headboard definitely makes an impact with its curvaceous design, but the neutral colour prevents it from being too over the top.


    Mayflower Table Lamp

    Statuesque and very impressive, this large table lamp is a prime example of where design surpasses functionality. Of course, it still retains this practical element but the carved wooden base can be admired in all its glory even when the lamp is switched off.


    Winchelsea Chandelier

    Overhead lighting is essential when designing a lighting plan, but the aesthetics are often an afterthought. Should your home feature high ceilings, take advantage of the extra space above and pull focus to a specific area by using a show-stopping chandelier or lantern.

    Mandarin Lidded Jar

    An oversized Chinese porcelain jar with a traditional floral design is the ideal decorative statement piece for an entrance table. You could turn it into a vase by removing the lid and adding an arrangement of faux flowers, but we think it creates more of an impression on its own.