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  • Top 5 Summer Faux Flowers

    With the RHS Chelsea Flower Show taking place this week (19th-23rd May), we’ve been inspired to swap the flower arrangements in our homes for something more seasonal. Our faux flower collection features so many lifelike summer garden flowers, even down to their specific variety, that even the most eagle-eyed horticultural expert would have to do a double take. The beauty of using faux flowers is that you don’t necessarily need to stick to ones that are in season, but to help your faux arrangements look as real as they can possibly be, here’s a list of our top five summer flowers.


    Faux delphiniums add drama to a hallway


    If you’re looking for a show-stopping arrangement for your entrance hall, opt for tall, towering and tapering spires of delphinium. The archetypal cottage garden flower, their presence inside conjures up memories of lazy summer days spent outdoors in the countryside. The sheer size and scale of these flowers help to add another level of height to your interiors, creating a focal point for the room, whilst their unique blueish-purple colouring provides a bold contrast in a neutral scheme. As delphinium stems are quite tall, choose an equally tall vase to provide enough support for your arrangement.

    TIP: If you’re short on time, cheat with our pre-tied bunch of delphiniums.


    Sweet peas add a gentle wash of colour to a bedroom


    Sweet pea
    Delightfully pretty, Lathyrus odoratus – or the sweet pea as it’s more commonly known – is ideal for adding a gentle wash of colour to your summer interiors. The real life version is noted for its twirling tendrils and delicate ‘butterfly’ shaped, pastel coloured petals; our faux doppleganger is almost identical but much more robust. If you adore sweet peas but suffer from hayfever, then our faux option is a great alternative – just pop a few stems in a vase to admire their beauty (without having to reach for the tissues all the time).

    TIP: Our dainty posy of sweet peas in a ceramic churn makes an excellent table decoration for a country wedding, and can be cherished long after the big day itself.


    Pink peonies are perfect for summer


    During the summer, peonies steal the show. As they only flower in the UK between mid-May and early-July (depending on the weather), they are a popular choice for wedding flowers, partly due to this seasonal exclusivity but also because their romantic, textural blooms make beautiful bridal bouquets. Our faux peonies allow you to enjoy this exquisite summer flower all year round, and the wide colour palette – ranging from classic cream to soft pink to deep red - makes them ideal for lots of schemes and arrangements.

    TIP: Pop a single peony in a small vase or decorative glass tumbler for a simple bedside table arrangement.


    An arrangement of classic white lilies


    Pure white lilies have long been synonymous with luxury and elegance. Even when used on their own in a simple glass vase, the large, trumpet-shaped flower heads of the Casa Blanca lily command attention. With their oriental origins, lilies look best in minimalist, contemporary interiors, perfectly complementing metallic or glass accents and sleek black wooden furniture. Use an arrangement of lilies to add a sense of tranquillity in a bathroom or bedroom.

    TIP: Lily pollen can stain clothes, carpets and upholstery, and is also poisonous to cats and dogs, so if you live in a house with pets and pale furniture, go faux.


    Fill a vase with pink roses for a cheerful summer centrepiece


    The most popular flower in the world, the humble rose is also the most versatile too. Roses can look charmingly rustic or beautifully classic depending on the colour and variety chosen; some have a ruffled flower head with lots of two-toned petals which gives them a vintage aura, whereas others have the more pristine look found in traditional Valentine’s Day bouquets. A cluster of pink roses makes for a cheerful summer centrepiece, and with our faux roses, you don’t have to worry about pricking yourself on those pesky thorns.

    TIP: Introduce rose hips later in the summer to create a more realistic seasonal arrangement.


    If you're unsure when it comes to creating your own arrangements from scratch, explore Bunched by OKA. You can even bring your favourite vase in to our shops and our flower experts will find the perfect arrangement of faux flowers to fill it.


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